This SmartSOLUTION could be the key to control your implement with section control as well. The SmartCONTROL module converts ISOBUS to CAN or serial control (sections and rate). Alternatively it can directly control sections of any implement using 12V output signals. SmartCONTROL can be used for both OEM applications and to retrofit onto supported equipment.

Bridging the gap between ISOBUS and non-ISOBUS implements

SmartCONTROL translates ISOBUS Task Control commands (section control) into 12V outputs or 3rd party CAN and Serial protocols. For the CAN/serial protocols also target and as-applied rates, are communicated between display and implement controller. With SmartCONTROL you can control your non-ISOBUS implement (i.e. sprayer spreader, planter or hoe) by ISOBUS.

Compatibility & protocols

  • Compatibility & protocols
  • Standard protocols are provided for:
  • CAN: Agrifac (Condor 2014+ and Milan).
  • Serial: HARDI HC5500 with jobcom.
  • Direct 12V: 4 sections or optionally up to 48 using CAN USC I/O Modules (8 sections per module).
  • Direct 12V: 4 sections or optionally up to 48 using CAN USC I/O Modules (8 sections per module).
  • USC 12V: Up to 48 sections using can USC I/O modules (8 sections per module).

Matching your brand

  • AGCO
  • Ag Leader
  • Claas
  • CNH
  • Deutz
  • John Deere
  • Kubota
  • Raven
  • Trimble
  • Topcon

Benefits of SmartCONTROL

  • Easy to install and use (no operator interaction after installation).
  • Predefined harnesses for several applications.
  • Can either connect to ISOBUS socket or in cab CPC connector.
  • Solid, reliable, proven with hundreds of modules in the field.
  • Allows using prescriptions or crop sensors (i.e. Ag Leader OptRx) on your existing ISOBUS display and will also log the as applied rate when using CAN/serial connection.


SmartCONTROL USC is based on the Homburg SmartCONTROL system and by adding I/O modules it can now control up to 48 sections by providing a 12V signal. The I/O modules can directly control up to 8 sections each and provide up to 3A per section.

SmartCONTROL USC connects via ISOBUS IBBC connector to tractor and is compatible with almost any ISOBUS VT display which has TC (TaskController) capabilities.