Precision seed drills

Precision sowing

In the Netherlands and Belgium, specific sowing and planting techniques are important for increasing agricultural efficiency and sustainability. Precision seed drills and advanced planting methods are transforming the agricultural sector by promoting higher yields and environmentally friendly practices. These advancements ensure optimal seed placement, leading to better germination and crop growth.

What are precision seed drills?

Precision seed drills are increasingly used in agriculture today, especially for sowing crops such as corn, soybeans, and sunflowers, where it is crucial to manage the distance between seeds accurately. These advanced machines ensure that each seed is placed precisely at the right depth and distance in the soil. The seed falls through the seed tube, which is open at the bottom, into a carefully made furrow on the ground. Then, seed coulters cover the seed with a layer of soil, after which the soil is compacted with a press wheel to ensure a firm foundation.

This method not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of sowing but also optimizes growth conditions for maximum yield. Thanks to advanced technologies such as GPS navigation and real-time monitoring, farmers can fine-tune sowing. This leads to uniform crop emergence and a reduction in seed usage, contributing to higher efficiency, cost savings, and supporting more sustainable agricultural practices by minimizing waste and promoting soil health.

Our precision seed drills for

Field crops

In the dynamic landscape of field agriculture, challenges such as climate change, diseases, and the call for sustainability are daily issues. These challenges force farmers to constantly innovate to continue meeting society’s basic needs.

Vegetable crops

In the vegetable cultivation sector, where challenges such as climate change and the demand for sustainability play, we offer top-quality machines that are continuously updated for the latest cultivation requirements. Our machines, suitable for a wide range of vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers, ensure efficient sowing.

Seed monitoring

Digitroll seed monitoring is designed to work reliably under all conditions. The latest generation systems are unique in that they display complete sowing performance. Not only data about the sowing itself is made clear, but the sowing status is also displayed on an LCD screen.