About us

Vision on precision agriculture. Since 1960

Homburg is an importer in the Netherlands and Belgium of various brands. For example, we import the products and technology of Ag Leader Technology. As a manufacturer, we produce and export worldwide our SmartSOLUTIONS to work smarter, without working harder. Within the precision agriculture category, Ekobot with its robotic systems is the future to mechanically control weeds without the use of human hands.

Efficient and sustainable agriculture starts with optimal soil conditions through water management. For this purpose, Homburg has designed the Draincleaners. Since 1970, these drain cleaners have been exported to more than 40 countries.

We provide our support for tillage and seeding technology in the form of top-quality Swedish Väderstad tillage and seeding machines and Stanhay seeders. These precision seeders can sow over 200 different vegetables. Rabe’s tillage range completes the soil cultivation offer with the plough and harrow.

Homburg has been an importer of HARDI sprayers since 1961. Crop care is hugely important to achieve growth. Think crop protection, fertilisation and mechanical weed control. As a representative of Bogballe spreaders, fertiliser can be spread with precision where desired. Weeds are controlled in various ways by Novaxi’s cradle harrow, Garford’s hoes and Zürn TOP CUT COLLECT where weeds are cut and disposed of. With the above brands, Homburg’s brand palette is represented from the first stage to the last.