Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture: the icing on the cake

Precision agriculture is a hot topic in farming, and according to WUR (Wageningen University & Research), it’s more than a trend: it’s a key to more sustainable and efficient farming. Precision agriculture can be seen as using an advanced app for managing your farm: you get precise information about where and how much water, fertilizers, or protection your crops need. This not only makes your farm more environmentally friendly but also leads to cost savings and can improve yield. It’s an efficient way to achieve more with less, ideal for the modern farmer who values both the environment and finances. The current four core themes around precision agriculture are:

  • 1
    The beneficial use of sensor images;
  • 2
    Developing calculation models for better cultivation decisions;
  • 3
    Improving ICT infrastructure for data exchange;
  • 4

    Demonstrating the concrete benefits for arable farmers.

The precision agriculture range


Discover the advanced InCommand displays from Ag Leader. Intuitive and uniform in terms of operation for steering, ISOBUS, crop registration, among others. With modern features such as line groups, automatic field recognition and headland lines, Ag Leader is perceived as easy, capacity and comfort-enhancing.

Steering systems

Ag Leader offers the modern and complete proprietary line of Z2 steering systems: From SteadySteer Steering Motor, single antenna SteerCommand to the high-precision DualTrac with dual antenna. All combine optimally with the Ag Leader InCommand screens and to ISOBUS implements and SmartSTEER implement control.


ISOBUS is the now widely known and globally used standard for operating and controlling implements with your GPS screen. Ag Leader was one of the first GPS suppliers to support and properly implement ISOBUS and is compatible with basically all implements/manufacturers.

Implement control

When highest accuracy and convenience are required, our SmartSOLUTIONS provide the solution: SmartSTEER implement control, SmartLEVEL kilver control, SmartPLOUGH plough control and SmartCONTROL section control bring RTK precision to your implement.

Sectioning and dosing

Using GPS, sensors and, in some cases, even drones, data is collected and converted into task maps. With our modules for dosing and/or sectioning, products, whether variable or not based on task map, are optimally applied where needed. Save resources or seed by preventing overlap and automatically controlling correct/wanted dosing. All this for maximum efficiency.

Crop sensors

Crop sensors play an already larger role in precision agriculture by monitoring the state of crop.

The Ag Leader OptRx measures by NDRE index the amount of chlorophyll (cholorfyl) which determines crop health. OptRx integrates into the Ag Leader screens and can also control implements directly via a dosing table.

Data management

Precision agriculture 2.0 is processing, sharing and analysing data from screens, crop sensors, yield measurement etc. With the AgFiniti platform, data can be stored, shared (on the go), viewed. With SMS, in-depth Analyses, task maps etc. can be made, also for other brands of GPS.

Innovations in precision agriculture

Technological advancements play a crucial role in the evolution of precision agriculture. Drones, satellites, and sensors are just some of the tools that enable farmers to collect real-time data. This data can then be analyzed to adjust agricultural practices, resulting in higher yield and less waste of resources. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning also helps in predicting harvest outcomes and optimizing cultivation planning.

The future of precision agriculture

In short, precision agriculture is not just the future: it’s the key to a more sustainable and efficient agricultural sector. At Homburg Holland, we understand that precision agriculture is an essential part of a successful farming business. It enables more efficient work, optimization of resources, and increased yield. At Homburg Holland, we closely follow developments in arable and horticultural farming, so our customers can achieve the highest possible yield per hectare through precision agriculture in an efficient and sustainable manner. Precision agriculture and GPS are close to our heart; measuring, recording, analyzing, and knowledge ensure that farmers in the field can achieve optimal profit.