What is No-tillage?

No-tillage (NT) is a form of reduced tillage playing a key role in sustainable soil management. This method, avoiding deep plowing and minimally disturbing the soil, leads to healthier soil with improved water infiltration and fewer drought problems. NT is particularly relevant in light of climate change and the need for sustainable agricultural practices.

Our no-tillage range


Väderstad is renowned for its high-quality cultivators that save both time and fuel. These cultivators are specially designed for use in all types of soil, emphasizing versatility and economic efficiency. With a diverse range of product families, Väderstad offers a series of cultivators that meet every specific (modern) need.

Disc harrows

The Carrier disc harrows from Väderstad are available in both a hydraulically carried and towed format. These disc harrows are used for fast primary soil cultivation and seedbed preparation and, thanks to a wide range of front tools, discs, and press wheels, can tackle various challenges from ultra-shallow to deeper soil cultivation.

Seedbed preparators

Väderstad’s Rapid and Spirit seeders combine seedbed preparation, leveling, and seeding in one efficient operation, excelling in precision and reliability even at high speeds. The BioDrill, an additional small seeder, increases the versatility of Väderstad’s tillage and seeding machines, making them even more versatile.

Benefits of no-tillage

  • NT preserves the natural structure of the soil, resulting in better water infiltration and reduced drought problems. This is crucial at a time when climate change leads to more extreme weather conditions.
  • By disturbing the soil less, the soil life, including worms, bacteria, and fungi, remains intact. This contributes to soil fertility and promotes biodiversity.
  • NT can lead to fewer nitrogen losses and reduced erosion, although further research is needed to ascertain this with certainty.

  • NT systems consume less fuel compared to traditional plowing methods, leading to cost savings for farmers.

What is no-tillage?

No-tillage (NT) is increasingly gaining attention in arable farming and becoming more important in sustainable soil management. This method avoids deep plowing and disturbs the soil as minimally as possible. This leads to healthier soil with improved water infiltration, fewer drought problems, improved resilience through the buildup of organic matter, and promotion of soil life. NT is particularly relevant in light of climate change and the need for sustainable agricultural practices.

Implementation and considerations of NT

The transition to NT requires careful approach. It’s important to give the soil time to recover from deep tillage. Initially, the soil may need more nitrogen input and perform suboptimally. The use of nitrogen-fixing cover crops and solid manure can help in this regard. Consistency is crucial; if the soil is plowed again after a few years, the soil balance needs to be restored. Therefore, we offer the right information and training through our Homburg Academy. Curious how we can assist with the transition?