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Homburg Holland has developed a self-propelled spraying machine in collaboration with machine builder Widontec in Veghel: the Homburg HeroW. This self-propelled driver responds to the demand from open-field vegetable growers, arable farmers, arborists and contractors for compact, manoeuvrable self-propelled drivers with plenty of ground clearance and maximum visibility.

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With a tank capacity of 3,000 liters, the HeroW H430 has a higher spray capacity, but it remains a compact self-propelled driver, especially with the latest cabin for even more visibility. The self-propelled driver is available in two axle versions. Hydraulic adjustable from 1,500mm to 1,800mm as standard or optionally continuously hydraulically adjustable from 1,800mm to 2,250mm. The H4 series can achieve a maximum driving speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The HeroW H430 also meets the latest exhaust gas emission standards.

Features of the HeroW

  • Elevated body mounting – Maximum ground clearance
  • Economical – Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Result – Perfect spraying results thanks to the use of HARDI spraying technology, including TWIN FORCE
  • Visibility – Maximum visibility of the crop, spraying activity and front wheels
  • Profitability – Greater ease of use, manoeuvrability, visibility and spraying result all mean a healthier bank balance.

Optimum visibility

Comfort is paramount in the cab. The driver’s seat guarantees clear visibility, space and tranquility. Thanks to the design and the four mirrors, the driver has a clear view all around, both on the road and in the field. Glass panels next to the seat make the front wheels clearly visible, which is especially useful when growing outdoor vegetables. The cab has standard climate control with activated carbon filters and positive pressure.

The power and manoeuvrability of the Homburg HeroW

The Homburg HeroW has 2-wheel steering, 4-wheel drive, a wheelbase of 2.45 meters and variable track width. The robust chassis allows the use of the air-assisted 30-meter HARDI TwinForce spray boom. The Deutz TCD3.6 L4 engine and hydrostatic drive are on the rear axle, with a 3,000-liter water tank in the center. In the front are a 500-liter fresh water tank and a 135-liter fuel tank. This weight distribution provides excellent maneuverability and stability for the HeroW.

Variable track width

The Homburg HeroW can be fitted with an optional variable hydraulic track adjustment feature (max. 0.30 m). This makes it possible, for instance, to have a track width of 1.50m in the field and 1.80m on the road for greater stability. For growers who have different rows of crops this track adjustment comes in very handy. Other track width combinations are available on request. The ground clearance is 85 centimeters on tire size 11.2.R32 at the front and 12.4.R46 at the rear. Other sizes are possible. Thanks to the large wheel angle (50°), the Homburg HeroW is very maneuverable. Even with a track width of 1.50 meters, the turning circle remains limited to a radius of only 4.50 meters. With this, Homburg HeroW distinguishes itself emphatically in the self-propelled vehicle market.

HeroW voorkant

Extra options

Homburg Single Nozzle Control is a plug and play solution for HeroW and HARDI sprayers ALPHA self-propelled and the trailed COMMANDER, to allow spraying per cap. This SNC set is compatible with HARDI COMMANDER with PrimeFlow (both CM05 and CM11). The dose control continues to operate normally, but the GPS takes over control for turning individual nozzles on and off when overlapping.

Compatible with HC8600 and HC9600 (and Ag Leader InCommand 800 – 1200) displays:

  • Up to 144 sections.
  • Displays need a multiple product unlock because the display sees 2 boom controls and must be able to operate both booms.
  • With the older 8500 and 9500 displays, up to 36 sections can be set and a multiple product unlock is also required.
  • Unfortunately, other ISOBUS displays are not supported.

Plug and play
The Homburg SingleNozzleControl is installed on the main board and is connected between existing wiring. No need to cut or solder wires etc. It is only a mechanical installation after which you just need to go create a new machine configuration, to get it working.

AutoSectionControl (ASC) is a fully automatic system that opens and closes the necessary boom sections. ASC controls the sections when driving over sprayed areas, such as on a headland or sloping section of a field, or around obstacles such as trees and the like.

ASC is a small module connected to the HC 6500 and a GPS receiver. During spraying, ASC automatically records the area sprayed. In a typical situation, when the headland is sprayed first, ASC now automatically closes the spray boom sections as the operator drives over a treated area.

PrimeFlow is a pressure-based system for fluid circulation to the nozzles before actual spraying begins. It prevents settling and allows flushing of the spray boom lines without spraying the liquid onto the ground.

The conventional control box is not used. Electric stepper motors replace spring-loaded anti-drip valves at each cap and control cap operation. One coupling node controls up to three nozzles.

AutoFill is a system that facilitates the tank filling process for the user. The main components are the motorized SmartValves, AutoAgitation and a tank safety sensor.

Depending on the actual tank content, the stirring intensity is automatically controlled. In this way, foaming is prevented and the tank content can be sprayed 100%.

AutoWash is a series of automatic rinse/clean programs. The HC 6500 controls the operation, so that maximum cleaning effect is obtained with the rinse water. Max. seven rinse actions with only 400 liters reduce the residue concentration to only 0.05%. All cleaning tests take place according to the ISO cleaning standard (ISO 22368). The concentration value is thus measured after the system has been refilled.

AutoWash works with three programs that put an end to the guesswork in the cleaning process: BoomFlush, FastFlush and MultiRinse. They are quick and easy to operate.

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