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With the Homburg Holland Boomsense you can make optimal use of the advantages of sensors. The front boom can be easily and quickly attached to your tractor, so that you can precisely dose your fertilizer. The Boomsense is supplied as a building set.


With the Boomsense front boom from Homburg Holland, you take full advantage of the benefits of sensors. This front boom connects easily and quickly to the tractor, allowing you to accurately dose your fertilizer. The Boomsense comes as a kit and you can choose between the green or blue version.

Features of Boomsense

Due to the parallelogram construction, the sensors always remain horizontal above the crop. With the parallelogram construction, a maximum working width of approximately 9.5 meters can be achieved. The sensors can be moved in the last boom section in order to be able to place them exactly above the crop row.

The Boomsense is designed so that you can easily and quickly attach it to your tractor. Once attached, you can immediately scan or control your fertilizer spreader or sprayer. In addition, the Boomsense has a standard hydraulic function for effortless folding and unfolding.

Benefits of the Boomsense

  • Compact design: especially for crop sensors.
  • Road-ready: Includes lights, mud flaps and legs.
  • Protected sensors: Safe in a metal holder.

  • Universal: Suitable for OptRx, Trimble, and TopCon sensors, among others.
  • Large working width: up to 9.5 meters.
  • Additional option: option for front weight carrier.

Ag Leader – OptRx sensors

The Ag Leader OptRx crop sensors watch with you to get the most out of your crop.

The Ag Leader OptRx crop sensors watch with you to get the most out of your crop. The sensors measure the reflection of your crop and, based on this, provide immediate insight into the condition of your crop. The OptRx sensor can convert the observation into a variable dose of your precious fertilizers and/or chemicals immediately during scanning. This will maximize your yield and you will also save concrete costs.  

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