Crop care

What is crop care?

Every crop farmer deals with crop care, whether it involves crop protection, fertilization, or (mechanical) weed control. In the dynamic world of agriculture, crop care is the silent witness behind every abundant harvest. It is the art (and science) of caring for crops from seed to harvest, where crop care plays a crucial role in the productivity and sustainability of our food systems.

Types of crop care

Mechanical weed control

Mechanical weed control has become a crucial factor in modern agriculture and horticulture. The use of chemicals will be increasingly limited in the future, thereby increasing the popularity of mechanical weed control as a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to combat weeds.

Crop protection

Crop protection is an essential aspect of contemporary agriculture. It ensures the health and quality of the crops and also supports the sustainability of the agricultural sector. Explore crop protection technologies and see which technique best suits your needs!


The art of (precision) fertilization is brought to life with Bogballe spreaders. These spreaders, refined by dedicated spreading technologies, deliver an unparalleled spreading pattern and adaptability, even on hilly terrains. Advanced implemented (spreading) systems in these spreaders ensure an optimal spreading pattern.

The importance and benefits of crop care in modern agriculture

At Homburg, the search for the latest techniques in crop care is central, both for the arable farmer who wants to expand his or her knowledge and for the interested party who wants to understand more about food production. Understanding crop care principles is important: it forms the basis of food supply and plays a key role in a sustainable future.

For this reason, Homburg focuses on conveying the importance and benefits of effective crop care. This includes continuously searching for suitable brands, machines and technologies. Through lectures, demonstrations and the provision of essential courses, Homburg provides knowledge transfer from practice to the user.

Looking for integrated crop care?

Integrated crop care is an approach that combines various methods to keep crops healthy and productive. This includes the use of biological protection agents, the application of advanced irrigation techniques, and the implementation of soil management strategies. By adopting this integrated approach, farmers can minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing the efficiency and yield of their crops. Moreover, sustainability is a key concept in crop care. This involves searching for methods that are effective not only for the current generation but also consider future generations. Water conservation, reducing chemical inputs, and promoting biodiversity are all part of sustainable crop care.