The art of fertilisation

Fertilisation in agriculture plays an increasingly important role in supporting healthy crop growth and optimising yields. The process of fertilisation is about adding nutrients to the soil, which are essential for plant development. These nutrients help in photosynthesis, root development and overall crop health. Effective fertilisation takes into account the nutrient requirements of the crop, the existing nutrients in the soil and the timing of application to ensure that crops are fed at the right time in their growth cycle. This requires careful analysis and planning.

Our fertiliser range

Bogballe fertiliser spreaders

Bogballe develops and produces salt, sand and fertiliser spreaders that excel in sophisticated design, optimal functionality and, above all, simple operation. This development draws on the extensive practical experience of users worldwide. With advanced production facilities and a development and test centre, including one of the largest and most modern testing halls for spreaders in Europe, Bogballe is at the forefront of innovation.

Garford hooded sprayers

Garford offers complete hooded sprayers for common crops. Made of polyethylene, these hoods are easy to assemble. The versatile beam can be used for both hood sprayer components and for attaching hoes.

Väderstad Tempo seed drills

The Vaderstad Tempo sets a new standard as a next-generation high-speed seeder, offering unprecedented precision even at speeds twice as high as those of traditional seeders. This ensures uniform crop germination, leading to a perfect start to the growing cycle.

Smart fertilisation techniques

In the world of arable farming, the art of fertilisation is more than just the application of nutrients; it is a strategy that bridges the gap between traditional farming practices and the future of sustainable crop production. It is about more than just feeding. Indeed, it is about finding a balance that benefits both the earth and yields. With an eye on sustainability and efficiency, advanced fertilisation techniques open the door to improved soil fertility and higher crop yields. For the modern arable farmer, this presents an opportunity to use knowledge and technology to refine farming practices, aiming for a future where every grain counts and the soil is preserved. Our dealers have the expertise to support everyone in taking the first step in fertilisation!