The Homburg Draincleaner, a drainage cleaner that guarantees easy cleaning of clogged drainage. Drainage in the field or greenhouse improves crop growth, resulting in optimal working conditions during seedbed preparation and harvest.

Easily clean your water drainage with our drain jetters

Regular maintenance is essential for drainage to work efficiently. Ingrown roots, clay, sand, and iron oxide can clog your drainage system. When your subsurface drainage is clean, your crops grow better and working conditions during the growing season will be optimal.

Our Draincleaners

Draincleaner accessories

Homburg Draincleaners offer versatile application possibilities. In addition to being used in agriculture, our drainage cleaners are also employed by public works professionals to identify and effectively remove blockages in sewer systems. Therefore, we keep our Draincleaner accessories in stock.

Prevent clogged drainage with Homburg Draincleaners

When ingrown roots, clay, sand, or iron oxide clog your drainage system, it results in higher groundwater levels and an increased risk of structural damage. Unfortunately, it can also cause the condition of your soil to deteriorate. This, in turn, affects the quality of your crops and your yield. Regular drain cleaning with our drain jetters will keep your soil in great condition. Year after year, of good water management and drain cleaning will help with the development of a healthy soil structure and high yields.

  • User-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Extremely robust
  • Homburg own production
  • Customized


Our Draincleaners brochure explains it all!

The Homburg Draincleaner in short

  • High-quality machine because it is made from high-quality materials
  • Extremely strong HPE flushing hose for a longer life
  • Homburg 2 or 4-wheel drive gives ultimate grip and greater wear resistance
  • A perfect cleaning result is achieved due to low water pressure (only 10 to 12 bar) on the rinsing head
  • Compact construction and updated design
  • Specific nozzles provide a technical solution for every type of soil and situation
  • The system cleans without adversely affecting the structure of the soil or the drain
  • Compact construction and updated design
  • With a choice of 3 models, there is a suitable drain jetter for everyone!

Easy control

Homburg Draincleaners are user-friendly, reliable and extremely robust. Buying a Homburg Draincleaner is an excellent investment. The simple operation allows the user to operate quickly, easily, and efficiently. Homburg Draincleaners are designed and built using years of practical knowledge and experience. With its importing rights for Hardi, Väderstad, Garford and Ag Leader, as well as its vision, Homburg Holland is engaged in a continuous development process for our Draincleaners.

Agronomic knowledge serves as the foundation for the innovations and designs that result in a drain jetter which is suitable for each specific situation. The starting point for Homburg Draincleaners is good water management, improved soil life and long-lasting machinery.

Create your own Draincleaner!

In addition to the serial production of our three standard modals, Homburg Holland also offers tailor-made drain jetters.

Do you want the arm on the left or right side, a setup on a water wagon, a specific color, or do you have other specific needs? Ask one of our product specialists!

The perfect golf course with our Homburg Draincleaner

To be able to play 365 days a year, a golf course must be in excellent condition all year. Water management is critical for keeping the green in appropriate conditions

Homburg Holland has developed the Blizz, a compact, maneuverable, and exceptionally solid tile drain jetter. A perfect drain jetter for your golf course.

Own, customised, production

Homburg has been manufacturing the Draincleaners ourselves for 50 years in our own factory. This allows us to guarantee that our Draincleaners are of top quality. Your custom Draincleaner can thus be customized to your personal wishes and needs. Because our Draincleaners are made in our own factory, we can ensure that your machine can be delivered completely and on time.

Training, know-how and warranty

Upon delivery of our Draincleaners, you will receive a user manual. Additionally, it is also possible to attend a physical training session through the Homburg Academy. We offer a one-year warranty on every Homburg Draincleaner.

You can find many crucial questions, answers, and facts about the Homburg Draincleaners in our Homburg Academy. We at Homburg Holland love to share our knowledge and experiences from the past years with you. Questions about why, when, and how to use the drainage cleaner are answered on this page. If your question is not on our Academy page, you can always contact one of our product specialists.

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