The origin of the company

Homburg through the years

Machine company Homburg owes its name to the late F. Homburg, a farmer from Vrouwenparochie, endowed with great technical ingenuity, who in 1961 introduced the so-called HK savior for cows. Mr. Homburg started a machine company on the Lange Bourren in Stiens. Stiens was located in the heart of an agricultural area, where the process of rationalization and mechanization accelerated agriculture. Mr. Homburg responded on this development by importing and trading agricultural machinery. These included spraying and spraying machines for crop control from the Danish manufacturer HARDI, for whom Homburg is an importer in the Netherlands to this day.

Origin of the Draincleaners

In the 1970s, Homburg had designed its first drain jetter, a patented model, of which a range of types are currently being manufactured in-house. Machine company Homburg moved in 1981 to “It Noarderfjild”, the industrial estate that was still located on the edge of the village at the time. The Stienzer family business was taken over in 1989 by Johannes de Boer, previously employed as manager at De Boer Supermarkets. In the following years a gradual takeover took place. Unfortunately, Mr. Homburg died unexpectedly two years after the takeover, resulting in the loss of a lot of technical knowledge.

Homburg now

In recent decades, Homburg Holland has grown into a well-known name in the agricultural sector. With 17 brands in our range, we are able to respond to the many questions and changes that have arisen from developments within the market. With our own Draincleaners and SmartSOLUTIONS, we are constantly looking for agricultural solutions and improvements, where the demand from the end user (and therefore the market) is central. Since 2017, Jack Thibaudier has taken over from Johannes de Boer, who was then able to enjoy his well-deserved retirement.

“Adding a product to the current product arsenal should add something or offer a solution to questions that our arable farmers and contractors have. Knowledge and quality are core values, focused on saving resources and time. Guidance and knowledge transfer are crucial, both before and after purchase.”

Jack Thibaudier, Director Homburg Holland