Sowing and Planting Technology

All about sowing and planting technology in the Netherlands and Belgium

Nowadays, sowing technology and planting technology play a crucial role in increasing efficiency and sustainability in agriculture. From precision seed drills to advanced planting methods, these techniques are “game changers” that lead to higher yields and responsible farming. In the columns below, you will find our solutions for sowing and planting technology.

The sowing and planting technology range

Seed drills

The Väderstad seed drills combine soil cultivation at high speed, sowing, and pressing in a single operation. In the combi versions, fertilizer is precisely placed with the seed between the standard sowing rows during the same pass. By reducing the number of operations, these seed drills save on fuel and retain soil moisture, leading to better germination and a perfect crop emergence.

Precision seed drills

Precision seed drills ensure uniform seed placement and depth, even at different driving speeds and field conditions, without overlap on headlands. The sowing accuracy remains constant, regardless of external factors such as vibrations or slopes. This leads to evenly ripening crops and increases the chance of maximum yield.

The impact of modern sowing technology

In today’s agriculture, sowing technology is a key factor that can influence the efficiency and productivity of crop production. In recent decades, sowing technology has made significant technical and qualitative leaps. Modern sowing techniques are increasingly using advanced (precision) seed drills to accurately control sowing depth and distance. This results in simultaneous germination and optimal plant density, ultimately leading to higher yields.

The role of planting technology in the sustainability of agriculture

Knowledge about, and the implementation of, the right planting techniques is another crucial aspect that can improve the sustainability and efficiency of agricultural practices. With the right planting technique, farmers can optimize the growth conditions of crops. With Väderstad’s machines, you are assured of reliability and quality: the right sowing techniques and planting techniques developed into the right equipment.