Crop protection

Crop protection in agriculture

Crop protection is an important component within agriculture and horticulture, aimed at protecting crops from harmful influences such as diseases, pests, and weeds. The aim of crop protection is to ensure the health and productivity of crops, ultimately contributing to food security and economic stability. Crop protection covers a wide range of methods and techniques, ranging from chemical protection agents to biological and integrated protection strategies.

Different types of crop protection

Field sprayers

Field sprayers are indispensable in today’s agriculture, enabling growers to spread crop protection products evenly and efficiently for healthier crops and higher yields. The sprayers within our range combine innovation with functionality, aimed at improving efficiency and productivity in arable farming and crop protection.

Closed Transfer System

The Tefen AccuRite CTS allows liquid sprays to be filled directly from the can or canister into existing sprayers, without removing the Easyconnect cap. This system creates a closed filling system, avoiding contact with spray media during filling. The result is a reduction in spills, drips to containers, waste and contamination at the filling site.

Pressure logger

The SprayLoggerPro is a self-contained system that records pressure under all conditions in sprayers. It is powered by Penlite batteries and a 12-volt connection. Every 10 seconds, the system automatically stores pressure data, rotating the readings so that the most recent hourly data is always visible. The screen dims after 30 seconds and at 60 minutes of inactivity the system enters sleep mode. Pressure recording is only active during spraying.

Ph regulator

The WaterXTR™ CO2 injection system is designed to treat water used in spray liquids. This system can be installed either in a stationary set-up or directly on a field sprayer. With WaterXTR™, the pH value of water can be optimised to a level between 5 and 7 in a sustainable and efficient way through CO² injection. This process lowers water hardness and ensures a stable pH level.


The Handler’s premixers offer a practical solution for spray liquid handling. This system speeds up the mixing of dry and liquid products and ensures efficient emptying and rinsing of barrels. With models such as the Handler II, III and IV, it adapts to different farming needs. The Handler stands for time saving, ease of use and precision in crop protection.

Spot spraying

Garford’s SpotSprayer focuses on precision: it treats/removes weeds without touching surrounding plants. This type of crop protection is particularly effective in protecting potato stands in beet and onion crops, a growing problem due to milder weather conditions. Traditionally, this is tackled with hooded sprayers or manual spraying, but the SpotSprayer offers a targeted and efficient solution.

How innovation transforms crop protection

People in agriculture are constantly working on new technologies and developments, some born out of necessity and others arising from desirability. Partly due to government directives, certain operations are evolving at an accelerated pace. Take crop protection, for example: HARDI’s sprayers are now equipped with advanced nozzles. Arable farmers face increasingly stringent requirements, leading to constant adjustments and investments in the sector.

Crop protection methods

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The future of crop protection

The future of crop protection lies in striking a balance between effectively protecting crops and minimising environmental impact. Innovations in precision agriculture, such as drones and sensor technology, offer new opportunities for targeted application of protective agents and monitoring of crop health. There is also increasing interest in developing new biological protection agents and improving integrated crop protection. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and developments within crop protection and would be happy to help you.