Effective and uniform leveling

One of the core aspects of effective land management in agriculture is ensuring an efficient drainage system, where leveling plays a crucial role. The primary goal of leveling is to shape the agricultural land in such a way that it promotes even and effective drainage. This process involves precisely leveling and profiling the plot to ensure that excess water is efficiently drained away, without leaving puddles that can suffocate the roots of crops or lead to soil erosion.

Our leveling range

SmartLEVEL leveling system

SmartLEVEL offers a complete solution for effective leveling by utilizing the existing receiver and display on the tractor. This system, applicable worldwide, facilitates moving soil in a manner comparable to laser leveling. With the ability to adjust the slope in up to three directions, SmartLEVEL enables the creation of an optimized (tilted) double roof model.

The benefits of leveling

An effective drainage system, achieved through leveling, is essential for creating ideal growth conditions for crops. It maintains a balanced moisture level in the soil, which is crucial for the development of strong and healthy plants. Leveling helps reduce the risks of water stress and oxygen deficiency in the root zone, allowing crops to grow under optimal conditions. This results not only in higher yields but also in better quality of the harvest. Leveling is more than a method to improve drainage; it is a fundamental technique that contributes to the health and productivity of agricultural land. This practice forms the basis for sustainable agricultural ecosystem management, with water as a critical factor for both crop growth and long-term soil fertility.