Handler IV

The Handler IV is definitely the biggest and most impressive induction tank on the     market today.  Two 2” agitators, two lids, 3” manifold fittings, full draining cone-bottomed tank, convenient forklift-ready base and containment tray... the large ground operator, the aerial applicator and the commercial user all love the versatility of the Handler IV. 

With a working capacity of 230 US gallons, the Handler IV allows the user to batch mix everything from liquids to dry flowables and powders, plus it can be used to meter from bulk containers.  The Handler IV comes complete with all the plumbing required for recirculation with 3” lines, plus a RotoFlush tank rinse nozzle to prevent product contamination.  

The bottom of the Handler IV is sloped for full drainage.  With the Handler IV you can fill your sprayer in less time and save money.

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