Libramont Belgium

The Libramont Agricultural, Forestry and Agri-Food Fair is the largest open-air fair in the world. Each year it welcomes nearly 200 000 visitors, 700 exhibitors and 4 000 brands on a 200 000 m² site.

Libramont takes place every year during the last weekend of July. It is followed in even-numbered years by Demo Forest and every four years by International Day of Grass.

An event with many facets: Libramont is the most sociable of all trade fairs! It is an extraordinary showcase of the rural world, of which the fair highlights many facets: mechanical engineering, animal husbandry, forests, agri-food, horticulture, vegetable growing, civil engineering, or research, education and culture.

More information, plus tickets, can be found on the Libramont website.


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