Why should I clean my drainage system?

The effective operation of your drainage system decreases over time, depending on the type of soil and/or soil structure.


The efficiency of drainage systems decrease over time, depending on the type of soil and its structure. A good example are soils that contain iron. These soils shed small amounts of irons that will block the pores of the drainage systems. With an Homburg Draincleaner this problem is simply prevented by cleaning your pipes in periods when ground water levels are high, since iron and other soil components are soft and weak, and thus easy to flush away.

It is also important to realise that only 1/3th of the water that is drained enters the pipes in the upper half. The other 2/3th enters the system in the lower parts. Gravity will cause polluting substances to settle in the drainage pipes and thus block its most important entrée.


What is the best way to clean my drainage system?

By using a Draincleaner that uses a low pressure.


When an high pressure Draincleaner is used, the soil surrounding the drainage tubes will be affected (see also: Will the soil be affected when I clean my drainage?.Homburg Draincleaners are safe because they use a low water pressure of only 10 to 15 bars. The extremely firm HPE hose is pushed into the drain (up to a maximum of 850 metres), whereby the specially developed rinsing head flushes the drain and carries of dirt.

Homburg Draincleaner Delta

The Homburg Draincleaner 'Delta.' For more information, click on the image.


How do I know my drainage system is clogged?

A clogged drainage system has a lower draining capacity.


The cleaning of drain tubes depents on the following points:

  • weather conditions
  • type of soil
  • structure of the soil
  • type of drainage tube
  • diameter of the drainage tubes
  • condition of the drainage tube
  • the precision the pipes lie in the ground


The following guideline should be executed after a wet period with lots of rainfall, preferably in the autumn.

  1. Look for a drainage tube at the side of the ditch.
  2. Intercept the water that is coming out of the tube.
  3. measure how many seconds (T) it takes until one liter has flowed out.
  4. Fill in the next formula:

formule drainage doorloop

           With the following parameters:

  • = Lengtt of the drain pipes (meters)
  • A = Length between two drainage pipes (meters)
  • T = the time measured(seconden)
  • M = amount of drainage in 24 hours (millimeters)


In grasslands, cornland and arable land this drainage should be 7 millimetres (please note that this is for one-sided drainage pipes). When the drainage is less than 7 millimetres, the position of the drain pipes should be considered. When the position is correct, the drainage system has to be cleaned. Execute this step for multiple drainage pipes to determine an average for one field. It is recommended to clean drainage systems in wet periods when drain pipes can convey water themselves. For profound agricultural knowledge and advice concerning the use and maintenance of drainage systems, one should consult relevant authorities and/or literature.


How do I prevent my drainage system from clogging?

By keeping your drainage free from obstacles or overgrowth


By the pre-emptive yearly check of the end pipes of the drainage system, and freeing these from eventual overgrowing and/or obstacles. In this way you half the right control over the drainage system and you can localize them easily during the further growth season.

Homburg Draincleaner BLIZZ

Homburg Draincleaner BLIZZ. Click on the image for more information.


What are solutions for problems with my drainage system?

An Homburg Draincleaner could be your solution!


It is important to find out what the true problem of the drainage system is.

  • Mistakes were made during the construction of the drainage system
  • The drainage system is weakened and causes an obstruction within the pipes
  • Dirt/pollution cause a bad drainage of excessive water
  • A so called ‘plow pan’ accumulates the water in the upper soil layer
  • The drainage system is disrupted due to mechanical soil cultivation

Applying an Homburg Draincleaner is a possible solution for all these problems, or the access for the answer of your problem.

Keep in mind that our specialists are always available for any advice concerning draincleaning! contact

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