Junior draincleaner becomes Blizz

Why the Junior has become the Blizz

In recent months, our familiar Junior has been further developed and transformed. Production of the upgraded models will start in November; a good time for a new name.

Name with a story behind it....

Forces of nature

Surely, when it comes to names, the three types of Homburg Holland Drain Cleaners have something in common. Wind and water are two elements of nature related to drain cleaning. The old name of "Junior" did no longer fit with Delta and Hurricane, so it was time for a new name after the smallest member of the drain cleaner family has undergone an upgrade!

Defying snowstorms...

For Hurricane (also called cyclone or typhoon, depending on the location) and Delta (an estuary or an area where a river mouth with multiple branches flows into the sea or a lake + 'the model in between') the link with running water / clean drains, is quickly made.
In that case, Blizz is an obvious choice.
Blizz is short for "blizzard", another word for a severe snowstorm, which is the name given to our smallest model drain cleaner from now on.

Facts about Blizz

To attach the name Blizz(-ard) to a snowstorm, the following conditions must be met:

  • Low temperatures: approximately minus 6°C or below.
  • High wind velocities from about 56 km/h, which is equivalent to wind force 8 on the Beaufort scale.
  • Large amounts of snow that limit visibility to 400 metres or less.
  • Lasting more than 3 hours.

Features of new
Blizz Drain Cleaner

  • Modern, robust design and compact construction
  • Solid curved roller conveyor with inside and outside rollers
  • Innovative hydraulic system for optimal control
  • Choice of options, from practical and workable, to maximum ease of use

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