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Who are we?

Each day sees the birth of approx. 209,000 new children.
By 2023, the world’s population will pass the 8 billion mark and this figure is expected to exceed 11 billion by 2100.
Of course, this population will have to be provided with plenty of healthy food, presenting the agriculture sector with a huge challenge!
And Homburg Holland is eager to do its bit in meeting this demand.
How exactly? We are happy to explain ...

Small to big. In the past century, agriculture has transformed from small-scale traditional farming into large-scale industrialised cultivation. These changes are having a major impact on how the arable and horticulture sectors operate. Upscaling, along with simultaneous reductions in the workforce, intensification, specialisation, mechanisation, rationalisation (using techniques such as precision farming) and globalisation (‘the globe is our market’) are key factors that Homburg Holland must take into account to manage our precious resources as efficiently as possible.

In fact, we take our ‘We meet you in the field’ slogan quite literally. With both feet planted firmly in the ground, our experience is that land use has changed dramatically. Changes in crops, from permanent to temporary varieties, but also climate change, mean that an understanding of the soil is essential. Optimum irrigation, nourishment and processing of the soil, efficient preparation of seedbed, and effective crop protection will help facilitate optimum yields in the future. Greater efficiency thanks to less tillage, fuel, pesticide, and so on...

The team. The team at Homburg Holland is known for its specialist knowledge. Seedbed preparation and healthy cultivation of crops are the two principles on which we aim to support arable farming and horticulture sectors. We do this by optimising soil conditions and through effective non-tillage, efficient sowing techniques and the resource-saving use of pesticides. GPS technology and precision agriculture runs through our veins; through measurement, registration, analysis and know-how, we can ensure optimum returns for both our customers and ourselves. This is what we stand for. ‘Profit through knowledge’: the sharing of knowledge, bringing about benefits for all, is at the heart of what Homburg Holland does. This is the blood that pumps through our veins.

Basic Philosophy. At Homburg Holland, we always put customers centre stage. What exactly are they looking for? What questions should be answered? What problems should be solved? With our team of enthusiastic, committed and service-minded employees, we aim to advise and assist dealers and end-users as best we can: this is our basic philosophy. We achieve this through our 24/7 service, the Homburg Academy which underpins our work, and our willingness to share knowledge whenever it’s required in the field.

Products. We have been importers of HARDI sprayers since the 1950s. Over the years, we have expanded our range of machinery with Ag Leader’s precision farming, Väderstad tillage equipment and seed drills, Garford hoeing technlogy and fertilizers -and salt spreaders of Bogballe.
Moreover, since the 1970s, we’ve been designing, producing and exporting the Homburg Draincleaner. This Draincleaner is now sold globally and provides optimum drainage. 

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