Spend your time on spraying........... not filling! The Handler can not only puncture, empty and rinse a container in just a few seconds, but also mixes powdered and dry products easily and quickly.

The Händler range


The Secret of the Patented Knife 

What is the secret?  The Handler uses a patented knife system to:

1) cut plastic chemical jugs,

2) empty their contents for mixing, and

3) fully rinse the jugs for safe disposal

All in less than 30 seconds while filling your sprayer!

There is no waste - your chemical is fully used.  

(Industry tests show without proper rinsing an average of 2 ounces of chemical remains per container and is wasted!)

Working in conjunction with a custom-made Handler venturi, the Handler can save you time and money and decrease your risk of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Each Handler comes complete with:

2 or 3 inch camlocks for easy hook -up,

1 of 4 high-peformance glass-filled polypropylene venturi fittings, to empty your Handler in seconds with virtually any transfer pump,

a high-visibility, calibrated, cone-bottom tank that works on any terrain,

optional frames that accommodate any 2 or 3 inch transfer pump, & optional recirculation packages to allow for batch mixing.


A pump kit is optional with the Handler II, III, and IV.  

The kit comes complete with: 

a recirculation package (making it easy to batch-mix virtually any chemical)

a pump frame (Handler II and III only)

all of the assembly hardware 

a versatile Honda-powered Banjo polypropylene pump or Hatz diesel drive


A plumbing system featuring the innovative Banjo manifold threadless fittings is available with every Handler model.  With the manifold system, assembly time is shorter, leaks are eliminated, and parts are easier to repair or replace.


The patented RotaFlush comes standard with every Handler III and Handler IV. This high capacity tank rinse nozzle prevents cross contamination and quickly and easily rinses out the tank.

Flow Meter

Draw from bulk containers using your Handler II or III.  By adding a 1” or 2” Banjo magnetic flow meter or a 1” Sotera 850 flow meter, and a bulk adapter kit you use the Handler venturi to directly induct product into the fill line. This non-mechanical process eliminates the need for slow chemical pumps and simply won’t break down.

Is The Handler of interest to you or do you have any questions?
You can contact: Lasse Doornbos, product specialist for The Handler.

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