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The dream of Homburg Holland

Our world population is increasing at a great rate and it is a huge challenge for agriculture to continue to provide it with healthy food!
Homburg Holland is eager to do its bit and wants to continue to grow as a leading player in the field of sustainable precision agriculture.

Our permanent order...

The employees of Homburg are characterized by their specialist knowledge. The principles that drive our service to the crop farming and horticulture sectors are expressed through our premium quality high-tech machines for seedbed preparation, drilling, planting and the healthy growth of crops.

We interpret our slogan ‘See you in the field’ quite literally. Always at the forefront, and with its feet firmly on the ground, Homburg keeps abreast of the developments in crop farming and horticulture. Its aim is to enable its customers to achieve the highest possible yield per hectare, efficiently and sustainably, through precision agriculture. Precision agriculture are in our blood; measuring, recording, analyzing and knowledge ensure that crop farmers can achieve optimal profits. That is what we stand for.

‘Profit through knowledge’; the sharing of knowledge leads to top results. This is at the heart of what Homburg does. This is the blood that pumps though our veins, and that’s what we are proud of!

This is how we do it...

Efficient and sustainable agriculture starts with optimal soil conditions.

We therefore designed the Homburg Draincleaner and produce and export this useful machine worldwide. Our support for non-return tillage and high-speed drilling and planting techniques comes in the form of the top quality Swedish Väderstad’s tillage and seed drills, for which we are the importer. We also demonstrate our commitment to efficient, sustainable, resource-saving and no-drift crop protection by importing Hardi Twin Force sprayers (since 1961), Garford hoeing technology and Ag Leader Precision agriculture & Smartfarming technology. With the fertilizers -and salt spreaders of Bogballe we deliver the right dosis to let your crops grow.

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