Golf courses

Tile drainage on golf courses

Homburg Holland has been manufacturing Homburg Draincleaners
in Stiens (Friesland) since 1970.
For golf courses, Homburg produces two special draincleaners;
the Blizz and Delta.

Perfect greens due to tile drainage

There are already 7,400 golf courses in Europe, and no fewer than 15,500 in the USA. Essentially all golf courses have a tile drainage system, tailored to the soil conditions, the greens and the design of the course.
Due to optimally cleaned tile-drains, golf courses can be played earlier which results in a higher turnover.

Get your golf course in top condition

A golf course must be in top condition all year round, because you have to be able to play golf 365 days a year. To keep the green in the right conditions, water management is extremely important. The tile drainage system must be cleaned regularly so the flow of abundant water is guaranteed.

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Blizz and Delta for golf courses

A perfect turf, in every part of the golf course, keeps the players happy. Tile drain cleaning is therefore not an uncommon job for a greenkeeper.
Homburg Holland has developed the Blizz in which the compact, manoeuvrable and extremely solid tile draincleaner can clean the drains.

“ Cleaning drains is 
rewarding work: you see 
immediate results. ”

Why the Blizz?

Blizz: solid, basic and quality

The Homburg Draincleaner Blizz model is a solid entry-level model, developed as a basic machine.
For every groundsman and greenkeeper who wants to bring his soil into top condition and keep it that way, this is a very suitable machine.

Heavy or light precipitation

Whether you experience a lot of rain or little rain, tile-drainage on grounds and golf courses is important to preserve your playing conditions.
In fact, drainage is being used as irrigation in more and more countries: the water level in the ditch is raised and the pipes are submerged. Plants then draw the water back up through the soil. There are also areas where rain is collected in basins for later irrigation.

Features of the Blizz

  • Hydraulic roll-on/roll-off flushing hose using two hydraulic motors and a drive system
  • Continuously adjustable speed control
  • Height adjustment of the guide arm with curved rollerbends using braked winch
  • Manual arm length adjustment and horizontal adjustment
  • Can be supplied with a flushing hose of up to 500 metres

Draincleaner Delta

Covering larger grounds

The Delta offers more ease of use as a draincleaner than the Blizz. This is the ideal machine for anyone who maintains drainage systems on a frequent basis and needs to cover a larger grounds.
This is because it offers hydraulically operated height adjustment, extension, retraction and folding of the drainage arm and length adjustment of the guide arm.

Features of the Delta

  • Possibility 2 or 4-wheel drive
  • Hose up to 500 metres
  • Solid frame, machine weighs a total of 650 kg
  • Guide arm will fold and extend hydraulicaly

Shaftleading set

Homburg Draincleaners can be used for multiple purposes. 
For example, Public Works contractors, use Homburg 
Draincleaners to detect and remove blockages in sewer systems. 

For that reason, Homburg carries all the 
accessoires, such as a pit set, in stock for express delivery.
Different shaftleading sets are available for small to large collectors. Our smallest set is suitable for collectors with a diameter of 30-70 cm (12-27.5 in).
The next option is 40-70 cm (16-27.5 in) and the largest set works with a diameter of 70 cm (27.5 in) and larger

“ The quicker the course
becomes playable,
= more customers
= more revenue ”

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