Golf course drainage

Golf course drainage

Water management is an important aspect of maintaining a golf course. An overabundance of water can damage the golf course and lead to loss of profit. We develop drainage products for golf courses, which are specialized in maintaining the drainage of a golf course.

Perfect greens, fairways and tees with Draincleaner Blizz

All renowned golf courses in the world have a drainage system, adapted to the soil type and design of the course. The use of drainage allows golf courses to be played earlier (and longer).
Homburg has dubbed the Blizz as a golf course drainage cleaner, but the Delta (the larger variant) is also used on a lot of golf courses in the Netherlands.

Draincleaners Blizz & Delta

De Draincleaner Blizz

Heavy or light precipitation

Whether you experience heavy or light rainfall, drainage on golf courses is important for maintaining playing conditions. In an increasing number of countries drainage is used as irrigation: the water level in the ditch is raised and pipes are submerged. Plants then suck the water back up through the soil. There are also areas where rain is collected in basins for possible later irrigation.

Keep your golf course in top condition

The drainage of a golf course must be good and clean all year round. Golfing should be possible 365 days a year, so it is important to keep the drainage in top condition. To achieve this, water management is crucial. The drainage system must be kept clean, so that all excess water can be drained away.

"Currently, we have four Homburg drain cleaners in operation, with which we perform drainage maintenance at various golf courses throughout the Netherlands. As machines circulate, they must be reliable and easy to use. Maintenance is also easy to carry out and uniform across Homburg's different machines. Detailed drawings help when ordering the necessary wear parts. If something unexpected does happen, one call to the Homburg dealer is enough to solve the problem." Hollandsche Greenkeeping Maatschappij, customer since 2010.

Draincleaners for your golf course

A completely perfect turf makes and keeps players happy. Cleaning the drainage system is not an unusual job for the greenkeeper either. Homburg Holland therefore introduces two optimised Draincleaners.

Find the right drain cleaning method - Homburg Draincleaner


The Homburg Draincleaner Blizz was developed as a basic model. When it comes to ground maintenance and drainage, the Blizz serves as an ideal drainjetter for golf courses.

Are you interested in the Blizz? Click on the link below for more information.

The Blizz product page >>

Why is drain cleaning important? - Homburg Draincleaner


The Homburg Draincleaner Delta is more user-friendly. For anyone who needs to maintain drainage systems on a large piece of land, the Delta Draincleaner is the ideal drainjetter.

Are you interested in the Delta? Click on the link below for more information.

The Delta product page >>

Are you interested or do have any questions?
You can contact: Jack Thibaudier, product specialist.
Are you interested or do have any questions?
You can contact: Lasse Doornbos, product specialist.

Draincleaner Academy

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Then feel free to contact one of our specialists!
We also offer information and tips on how to use our Draincleaners.

Visit our Academy page, where most of your questions will be answered.

Draincleaner accessories:
Shaftleading set

Several shatfleading sets available

Every golf course has several putt sets, these putts also need annual maintenance. This can be done with the putt set from Homburg Draincleaners.

There are different well sets available for small and large wells. The smallest shafleading set is suitable for wells with a diameter of 30-70 cm. The other options are the 40-70 cm well set and the largest set, which is applicable in wells with a diameter of 70 cm and larger.

How does well drainage work

In addition to existing water sources, such as existing ponds, you can also use a water tank. You can then easily use the water from this filled water tank to clean the wells. Via the suction basket and the suction hose, the water is drawn from the water tank. The water is then passed through a pressure regulator, where the excess water is returned to the water tank via an overflow hose. After this, the water continues through the flushing hose to the rotating centre in the reel, after which the well will be cleaned.

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