SmartSOLUTIONS can steer, control your implement by RTK GPS using your existing ISOBUS display. Boost capacity, increase comfort and quality of your work.

Innovative solutions for optimal
control of your implements by GPS

Homburg Holland, leading in precision farming,
developed a complete line of SmartSOLUTIONS® 
to control your implement by RTK using
your existing ISOBUS GPS display.

SmartSOLUTIONS in short:

SmartSTEER increases precision, comfort and capacity.

SmartLEVEL moves soil all over the world.

SmartPLOUGH RTK ploughing for perfect straight furrows.

SmartSTOPnGO is a gridding module via ISOBUS.

SmartCONTROL rate and section control on non-ISOBUS implements.

SmartBULB controls rate and sections on flower bulb planters.

SingleNozzleControl for HARDI PrimeFlow sprayers.


Download the brochure SmartSOLUTIONS
(in pdf)

Are SmartSOLUTIONS YOUR solutions?

Homburg SmartSOLUTIONS® are compatible with many ISOBUS VT displays like AGCO (Fendt, MF, Valtra), Ag Leader, Deutz AgroSky, Trimble, Topcon etc. 

SmartSOLUTIONS® are easy to install and do not require modifications on the tractor. SmartSOLUTIONS® are sold  and successfully used all over the world.

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Overview of our SmartSOLUTIONS


Is SmartSOLUTIONS of interest to you or do you have any questions?
You can contact: Geert-Jan Giesberts, product specialist for SmartSOLUTIONS.
Is SmartSOLUTIONS of interest to you or do you have any questions?
You can contact: Joren Vermeiren, product specialist for SmartSOLUTIONS.

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Testimonials SmartSOLUTIONS

"We are very satisfied about the
service and skills of Homburg Holland,
especially for Smart Farming."


- Kees van Dun, Loonbedrijf Van Dun from Rutten -

"The SmartCONTROL at the planter
works perfectly.
We're very satisfied about the
SmartSOLUTIONS of Homburg Holland!"


- Ronald van der Beek, Loonbedrijf Van Dun from Rutten -

"I am very impressed with the ease of installation and the simplicity of the setup process.
Within about an hour of working with it the field we had it fine-tuned to where it was performing excellently."

- Barry Bewley, CropIMS from Effingham -




Mts. Dijkhuis Dallinga from Muntendam

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