People are the most important asset within any organisation. Homburg Holland is no exception, and the Company is proud of its skilful and passionate employees. The actions of Homburg staff are always aimed at achieving results. This no-nonsense approach manifests itself in short lines of communication and a rapid response time in terms of answering questions and requests for service.

Homburg Holland employs 24 staff, 15 of whom are on the factory floor working on the production and assembly of (spraying) machines. Homburg Holland has skilful product specialists 'in the field', looking after dealer support and on-site advice.

Foto van Irma Swart-Romp

Irma Swart-Romp - Administratie

E-mail : isr@homburg-holland.com

Foto van Menno Bouwmeester

Menno Bouwmeester - Controller

E-mail : mb@homburg-holland.com

Foto van Bart Jan Bakker

Bart Jan Bakker - Engineering

E-mail : bjb@homburg-holland.com

Foto van Sybe Pollema

Sybe Pollema - Servicemonteur Väderstad/Ag Leader

Foto van Sietse Flapper

Sietse Flapper - Servicemonteur Väderstad/Hardi

Foto van Piet van der Zee

Piet van der Zee - Servicemonteur

E-mail : service@homburg-holland.com

Foto van Jurrian Terpstra

Jurrian Terpstra - Servicemonteur Ag Leader/SmartSOLUTIONS

E-mail : jte@homburg-holland.com

Foto van Gerard de Boer

Gerard de Boer - Servicemonteur Garford/Hardi/Väderstad/Ag Leader

E-mail : service@homburg-holland.com

Foto van Jan Loonstra

Jan Loonstra - Werkplaats / Montage

Foto van Mark Hoekstra

Mark Hoekstra - Werkplaats Draincleaners

Foto van Julian Thibaudier

Julian Thibaudier - Online marketing

Foto van Christiaan Tol

Christiaan Tol - Hoofd Magazijn

E-mail : mag@homburg-holland.com

Foto van Hester Thibaudier

Hester Thibaudier - Translations

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