Homburg Holland supplies the best and most advanced precision farming technology in the field of crop protection, soil cultivation and sowing techniques.

Work more efficiently thanks to the best brands

A drain jetter cleans your clogged water drainage easily
Keep your drainage pipes in good condition to work effectively with maintenance on a regular.
A compact, agile self-propelled cyclists with lots of ground clearance, maximum visibility and competitive price.
Future of Farming: SmartSOLUTIONS for smart farming
Homburg Holland develops and worldwide distributes SmartSOLUTIONS® to control your implement via GPS and ISOBUS VT: SmartSTEER, SmartLEVEL, SmartPLOUGH, SmartCONTROL, SmartBULB en SmartSTOPnGO.
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The Handler
The Handler can puncture, empty and rinse a container in a few second and mix powdered and dry products easily and quickly.
The Boomsense contains 4 sensors that map differences in the crop. The sensor can respond immediately by variable dosing.

Homburg Academy

The employees of Homburg are characterized by their specialist knowledge. The principles that drive our service to the crop farming and horticulture sectors are expressed through our premium quality high-tech machines for seedbed preparation, drilling, planting and the healthy growth of crops.

See you in the field

We interpret our slogan ‘See you in the field’ quite literally.
Always at the forefront, and with its feet firmly on the ground, Homburg keeps abreast of the developments in crop farming and horticulture.
Its aim is to enable its customers to achieve the highest possible yield per hectare, efficiently and sustainably, through precision agriculture. 

Precision agriculture are in our blood; measuring, recording, analyzing and knowledge ensure that crop farmers can achieve optimal profits. That is what we stand for.

Monteurstraining Hardi - Homburg Academy Cursus

Profit through knowledge

The sharing of knowledge leads to top results. This is at the heart of what Homburg does. This is the blood that pumps though our veins, and that’s what we are proud of! Whether it concerns knowledge of the importer, the knowledge towards dealers and end users or the knowledge that is shared internally at Homburg Holland .... Our products stand for quality and offer a solution in saving (of medium or fuel or time, etc.). We would like to share and explain this knowledge, but also provide guidance.

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With the continuous improvement of various spraying, sowing and precision farming techniques, periodic training is no unnecessary luxury. Transfer of knowledge is very important: during the purchase process, during and after the purchase of a Homburg Holland machine.
With several courses, demonstrations, lessons and activities for dealers and end users, we're building the Homburg Academy, also online.

Draincleaner Academy

Why or when should you use a Draincleaner? What nozzle should you use when cleaning the type of soil of your concern? In our Draincleaner Academy you can find all the important questions, answers and facts concerning Homburg Draincleaners. 

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Have we aroused your interest?
You can contact: Marijn van den Akker,product specialist for Homburg.
Have we aroused your interest?
You can contact: Jack Thibaudier,product specialist for Homburg.
Have we aroused your interest?
You can contact: Geert-Jan Giesberts,product specialist for Homburg.
Have we aroused your interest?
You can contact: Niel Scholtens,product specialist for Homburg.
Have we aroused your interest?
You can contact: Ron Smit,product specialist for Homburg.
Have we aroused your interest?
You can contact: Lasse Doornbos,product specialist for Homburg.
Have we aroused your interest?
You can contact: Abeltje van Vliet,Marketing Manager Homburg.
Have we aroused your interest?
You can contact: Piet Sijtsema,product specialist for Homburg.

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