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Homburg Holland is an importer of Hardi  field sprayers and Väderstad tillage and seed drills in the Netherlands. Homburg produces Homburg drain cleaners in-house. Homburg is also an importer of Ag Leader precision farming technology, Garford hoeing technology and Bogballe spreaders.

Machinehandel Homburg owes its name to the late F. Homburg, a farmer from Vrouwenparochie, endowed with great technical ingenuity, who in 1961 introduced the so-called HK savior for cows. mr. Homburg started a machine company on the Lange Bourren in Stiens. The village was located in the heart of an agricultural area, where the process of rationalization and mechanization accelerated agriculture. Homburg responded to this development by importing and trading agricultural machinery. These included spraying and spraying machines for crop control, from the Danish manufacturer Hardi, for whom Homburg is an importer in the Netherlands to this day.

1961 - Founded by Frits Homburg

1981 – Moving to location “It Noarderfjild”


In the 1970s, Homburg had designed its first drain cleaner, a patented model, of which a range of types are currently being manufactured in-house. Machinehandel Homburg moved in 1981 to "It Noarderfjild", the business park that was still vacant at the time on the edge of the village. The Stienzer family business was taken over in 1989 by Johannes de Boer, who previously worked as a manager at De Boer Supermarkets. In the following years a gradual takeover had taken place. The sad thing was that Mr. Homburg died suddenly two years after the takeover. With his passing, a lot of know-how and technical knowledge was also lost.


The Draincleaner has been widely demonstrated in the 1990s and at the beginning of the 21st century. From France to the Baltic States, from Canada to Russia. By demonstrating how contaminated drainage systems are and the simple operation of a drain cleaner, many eyes were opened. The large growth of drain cleaners is partly due to this.

1990 – A lot of demonstrations with the Drain cleaner

Vision on Precision farming

Precision farming

Thanks to its decades of experience, Homburg Holland can definitely call itself a specialist in spraying technology. This technique is aimed at precision agriculture, in which minimization of the use of resources is central. In addition to this importership, several brands have been added under the leadership of Johannes de Boer. With the Swedish brand Väderstad sowing and soil tillage machines, Homburg has become a major player in the market. Demonstrating for years through the Netherlands and Flanders and showing the farmer 'at home' how exactly maize/beets/field beans/soy/sunflowers, etc. are sown, has yielded a lot. The men and women of Homburg Holland are also often visible at demonstrations, open days, fairs, and lectures to talk about how the soil works. Sustainability is a key word in the 21st century and the correct handling of nature, the environment, soil and climate also play a role in our industry. The importership for the Netherlands and Flanders of Ag Leader Technology also fits in perfectly with this. 'Just what is needed' is Homburg's apt motto.

The employees 

Over the years, the Homburg Holland company has grown to 25 employees. A close, loyal group of men and women where service is the keyword. They are all ready for the company, for its customers and especially for the end users. At a time when speed is offered in the event of malfunctions and questions, in addition to a dealer, the importer must also be easily and quickly accessible.

The employees - trip to Denmark 2010

Mr. de Boer - 30 Jahre CEO bis 2017

Mr. de Boer

The director of Homburg Holland is now Jack Thibaudier, a born and raised Frisian with a lot of entrepreneurial experience. He took over after Johannes de Boer was allowed to enjoy his retirement in 2017. Steady and deliberate expansion is planned for the coming years. The production of Homburg Drain Cleaners will also be increased by generating even more exports from countries where we are currently less represented. Online offers global opportunities.

The future

Jack Thibaudier describes the future: “Adding a product to the current product arsenal should add something or offer a solution to questions that our arable farmers and contractors have. Knowledge will also become increasingly important. Our products stand for quality and offer a solution in terms of savings (of resources, fuel and time). We would like to explain that, but also guide you. Knowledge transfer, both in the purchasing process and after purchasing our machine, remains crucial."

"Profit through knowledge", says director Jack Thibaudier.

CEO Jack Thibaudier

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