What Draincleaner should I choose?

We advise to use a Draincleaner that uses low pressures


For the maintenance of drainage in agriculture and large greens (sports fields, golf courses, etc.) we advise to use Draincleaners that categorize as low pressure machines. An Homburg Draincleaner uses a pump pressure of 35 bar, which results in a water pressure of 10-15 bar at the nozzle. Homburg Draincleaners thus use a low pressure.

Homburg Draincleaner hurricane

Homburg Draincleaner Hurricane. For more information, click on the image.


What should I pay attention to when purchasing a Draincleaner?

We have listed a few points for you!


  • Quality machinery by the use of high quality materials
  • Extremely firm HPE draining hose for a long lifespan
  • Homburg 2 or 4 wheel drive give optimal grip and are mor abrasion resistant
  • Dye to the low water pressure of only 10 to 12 bar on the nozzle the cleaning is optimal
  • The usage of an Homburg Draincleaner does not damage your draining system
  • The specific nozzles provide a technical solution for every type of soil and situation
  • The system cleans without affecting the structure of the soil or the drainage itself
  • Compact build and renewed design
  • Because of the choice between 3 models there is a suitable Draincleaner for everyone!


When do I use what nozzle?

This depends on the type of soil


This depends on the type of soil. It is important to know that we do not disrupt the natural drainage function of the soil surrounding the drainage pipe. In delicate sandy soils one should rinse with a lower pressure than heavier clay soils. We thus advice rinsing head depending on the type of soil.

Below you can find a small overview of some of our nozzles and their use. More nozzles are available in our webshop.

Nozzle Homburg Draincleaner standard

Standard nozzle ½" konical with 2mm jetholes 12+1

Standard nozzle for regular maintenance use in ‘open’ pipes that are not extremely polluted. This nozzle is suitable for removing iron oxidation and other pollution.

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Nozzle ½” conical special 8+4Nozzle ½” conical special 8+4

Suitable for usage in pipes that have not been rinsed for a long time and that more heavily polluted. Pipes that are filled with dirt for over 50% will be nicely soaked by the 4 jets aimed forwardly.

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Nozzle with dubble torpedo 24+1

Nozzle with dubble torpedo 24+1

When one knows that a lot of quicksand is present in the drainage, this nozzle can be used. This nozzle has 24 holes aimed backward and 1 aimed forwards, which creates a much lower water pressure and a higher water flow, causing the sand to nicely flow out of the drain.

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Learn all about our drain jetters

Homburg Holland has three standard types of drain jetters for sale. The Blizz, an entry-level drain jetter. The Delta with more functionalities, perfect for long distances and the Hurricane; the ultimate drain jetter for professionals. All models can be tailor-made to your needs.

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