GPS tractor guidance for grid planting, using existing ISOBUS display.

SmartSTOPnGO is a grid planting guidance system for tractors. Straight line GPS guides the tractor in combination with sound and/or light signals. SmartSTOPnGO: bringing gridplanting to existing ISOBUS displays.

Smart farming for grid planting

Set the course and distance between stops, so SmartSTOPnGO continuously shows the next stop number and the distance until this same stop. SmartSTOPnGO gives a 12volt signal at every stop .

Timers will send out one or two signals, depending on the application. To compensate for offsets, the system has look ahead settings for both directions. This makes having signals on the excact spot possible and easy. The system will continue by either pressing an external resume switch or via the button on the display when the tractor is stopped.

SmartSTOPnGO, Guidance system for tractors on existing ISOBUS display

SmartSTOPnGO - Guidance system for tractors, smart farming for grid planting

Grid planting for exiting ISOBUS display

SmartSTOPnGO is a grid/raster module, providing electric signals at set intervals(distances) to stop the tractor, sound an alarm or giving a light signal.

SmartSTOPnGO is compatible with most ISOBUS displays which support GPS positions via J1939 standard. SmartSTOPnGO connects to the tractor via ISOBUS socket or ISOBUS CPC aux in cab connector.

Straight line GPS - SmartSTOPnGO

  • A smart module and a harness which connects to ISOBUS and application(s).
  • The compact and waterproof module can be placed on the tractor or implement.
  • SmartSTOPnGO has two (timed) outputs.
  • An external resume input is also prewired.

SmartSTOPnGO Grid planting module a guidance system for tractors

Compatible brands working with our smart grid planter

Our smart GPS guidance system for grid planting, compatible with many tractor brands combined sound and light signals. Compatible brands for SmartSTOPnGO are: AGCO (includes Fendt VarioGuide, FendtOne, Valtra and Massey Ferguson), Ag Leader, Claas (?), CNH (includes Case, New Holland and Steyr), Deutz, John Deere, Kubota (?), Trimble and Topcon.

XAg leader
? Claas
XJohn Deere
? Kubota
- Raven


- Kees van Dun, Loonbedrijf Van Dun from Rutten - 

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