Discover SmartSTEER: a premium implement steering for precision, extra capacity and comfort.

SmartSTEER RTK implement steering is the most universal, accurate and, by its headland automation, most advanced implement steer on the market.

SmartSTEER accuracy implement steering:

  • Automatically uses the AB-line from your existing guidance display, either straight AB or curve.
  • SmartSTEER is almost plug-and-play: easy to setup and use.
  • Compatible with all kinds of implements behind the tractor: wheel steering, hitch steering, drawbar steering, side shift and coulter steering.
  • Easily connects to the tractor via ISOBUS socket

SmartSteer - RTK GPS autosteer for Smart farming

SmartSTEER - Implement guidance with RTK GPS

Steer your implement with RTK GPS

The implement steering options of our SmartSTEER implement steering are unique, being the most versatile while adding both comfort and capacity: Homburg implement steering is the most accurate and includes an easy to use headland assist. It can automatically follow the tractor, engage and disengage or center on headland. By either an implement switch or signal from your existing steering system, it switches automatically from AB-line mode to headland mode and vice versa. This makes SmartSTEER the perfect assistant fot he operator.

SmartSTEER implement steering saves time, fuel and soil

During the headland turn, our implement steering can automatically steer your pulled planter/implement along the same curve/track as your tractor. Our unique implement steering will thus automatically steer your pulled planter, like a steered sprayer, into the next straight pass. As a result, SmartSTEER ensures that your implement is as perfectly and straight as possible behind your tractor when entering the next pass, without reversing and without driver intervention!

Perfect planter accuracy with reverse mode

Our implement steering also has reversing options for implements with steered wheels. In AB-line mode it will steer your planter to the AB-line and while in headland mode it will steer to keep the planter straight behind the tractor like if it is a mounted implement.

Implement steering with ISOBUS

Our accurate implement guidance has a simple, and easy to understand, user interface running in ISOBUS UT/VT. With the autosteer headland automation there is no need to manually pause and resume on the headland. Homburg implement guidance will do the job for you: hit the start button, go and be surprised. Work smarter, not harder!

SmartSTEER - Autosteer on headland for smart farming on ISOBUS displays

Implement accuracy with SmartSTEER

Implement accuracy

Our accurate implement steering has a highly advanced gyro for tilt compensation on sidehills. Aside from the gyro, our advanced algorithms can countersteer your implement just that bit upwards on sidehills to keep them exactly on the AB line. SmartSTEER implement steering maximizes implement accuracy under all circumstances. The Homburg implement steering can be used for all kinds of tools: tillage, seeding, planting, pre-emerge weeding, (ribbon) spraying, harvesting, etc.

SmartSTEER will make your implement(s) extremely accurate and easy to use. Our SmartSTEER implement guidance is the most sophisticated implement steering on the market to create implement accuracy. It works with your existing display and it will also steer your implement. Interested? Contact your SmartSOLUTIONS dealer or Homburg Holland for all the possible applications.

Compatible brands

SmartSTEER implement steering is an implement steering compatible with many tractor ISOBUS VT displays. Homburg implement steering systems are not universal, but dedicated to a specific brand. SmartSTEER can be used on more than one brand. Dedicated harneses are available for plug-and-play installation on Grimme ISOBUS planters. Compatible brands for SmartSTEER are: AGCO (includes Fendt VarioGuide, FendtOne, Valtra and Massey Ferguson), Ag Leader, CNH (includes Case, New Holland and Steyr), Deutz, John Deere, Kubota, Trimble and Topcon.

SmartSTEER can, in most cases, be installed on former Trimble True Tracker or AutoFarm AF Tracker installations.

XAg leader
- Claas
XJohn Deere
? Kubota
? Raven

Discover SmartSTEER - Implement steering with RTK GPS

Download the brochure for more information about our accurate implement steering

Additional information implement steering:

  • Speed range from 500 m/h and up to 20 km/h.
  • Bundle contents: module and wiring harness.
  • Optional NTRIP harnesses to share RTK signal from tractor antenna available.
  • Supports PWM hydraulic valves.
  • Supports 0-5V Wheel angle sensors.

SmartSTEER used on the headland using RTK GPS

Start using SmartSTEER now

  • Increases precision, comfort and capacity!
  • Is compatible with almost all ISOBUS GPS displays.
  • Homburg SmartSTEER stops steering or can auto center on headland turns.

Contact your dealer or Homburg Holland for all the posibilities.


- Kees van Dun, Loonbedrijf Van Dun from Rutten - 

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