This is what you need for better yields and planting! By using SmartPLOUGH on your width adjustable/vario plough, you will get a more even field and higher capacity. Additionally, you get even more straight planting since planters tend to follow the soil as how it was prepared. SmartPLOUGH as InFurrow is a proven solution and succesfully used for over 10 years, the OnLand version is being released for export.

Matching your brand

  • AGCO
  • Ag Leader
  • CNH
  • Deutz
  • John Deere
  • Trimble
  • Topcon
  • Raven

Benefits of SmartPLOUGH

  • Easy to install and use by day and night, also by less skilled drivers.
  • Connects via tractor ISOBUS socket and can use OC or LS hydraulics.
  • Usable for both curved and straight AB lines.
  • Automatically stops adjusting width when lifted on headland.
  • The normal InFurrow version of SmartPLOUGH can transit from one to the other AB line without help, and thus plough one year from curve to straight and next year from straight to curve.
  • SmartPLOUGH OnLand, if first passes do not match the AB line, requires the operator to drive manually along those first passes or boundary and will straighten them according to the curve or AB line chosen.
  • For InFurrow with Ag Leader displays also fan patterns are possible.
  • Dedicated kits for i.e. Lemken ISOBUS ploughs available.

SmartPLOUGH Hardware

  • InFurrow: Module, Harness, Angle & Tilt sensor, valve.
  • OnLand: has an upgraded ECU and uses a double RTK receiver (no complicated tilting mechanism) and NTRIP harnessing.

SmartPLOUGH OnLand

The SmartPLOUGH OnLand is based on a dual RTK antenna system mounted on the plow. Instead of a complex turning mechanism, two RTK receivers are installed on the plow, one of which always faces upwards. Further operation is virtually identical to the familiar SmartPLOUGH plow controls.