Straight in furrow ploughing without stress

Since planters tendency is to follow the plough furrow while planting, straight ploughing is almost a must for straight planting.

Advantages of SmartPLOUGH are:

  • Better and more consistents ploughing without manual interaction (=comfort)
  • Less skilled drivers are assisted by SmartPLOUGH
  • More consistent performance by day and night (width and depth)
  • Increases capacity and saves fuel (more even load on tractor)!

RTK ploughing system

Ploughing using SmartPLOUGH with your RTK guidance lines together assures more accurate planting and perfect straight plowing.
Straight ploughing using SmartPLOUGH also assures more even working depth and a more even field with less risk of wet spots caused by ploughing.

Function modes

SmartPLOUGH can do straight and curved ploughing and assists in transition from one to the other line or curve.
SmartPLOUGH can plough both towards straight and curved field boundaries. With latest firmware, SmartPLOUGH has added the option for fan rows.


SmartPLOUGH runs on Ag Leader displays which have the VT/UT option and can be fitted to almost all vario-ploughs.
SmartPLOUGH comes as a complete kit with module, wiring, reversing sensor and valve.
System is foreseen to use tractors hitch-up ISO signal, optionally, a hitch lifted sensor is available.

Additional info - What is inside:

After setup, SmartPLOUGH automatically adjusts
the width of your vario plough,
assures optimum soil preparation for
your crop and is field proven!


Click HERE or on the picture to download the SmartSOLUTIONS brochure.




- Kees van Dun, Loonbedrijf Van Dun from Rutten - 

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