Easy leveling system using existing hardware

SmartLEVEL leveling/grading for (Ag Leader)
ISOBUS RTK systems moves soil all over the world.
SmartLEVEL functionality is comparable with laser leveling but grade/slope can be set in up to 3 directions creating
double roof model shape.
There are unlike laser, no limits in elevation range.

Work smarter, not harder with SmartLEVEL:


  • Compatible with almost every ISOBUS display and NMEA RTK antenna
  • Toggle buttons for quickly adjusting desired elevation (to work with multiple levels/planes)
  • Connects to tractor via ISOBUS socket


  • Automatic NMEA configuration of antenna’s for Novatel & Topcon 
  • Support for ISOBUS aux devices (joysticks) 
  • Switch input on ECU to prevent wheels lifting in the air 
  • For Ag Leader displays: cut and fill maps which show actual difference between current and target elevation 

Three simple operating modes using SmartSTEER joystick only

  • Manual Up & Down (proportional control)
  • Fully automatic elevation for finalizing
  • Semi-automatic: Manual control while limiting downwards movement by actual set slope/grade

Additional info - What is inside:

  • Kit contains module and harness
  • Optional NTRIP harnesses to share RTK signals from tractor antenna availabe
  • Additional foreign languages foreseen
  • Supports PWM hydraulic valves

Click HERE or on the picture to download the SmartSOLUTIONS brochure.




- SmartLEVEL in practise -



- SmartLEVEL again in practise - 

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