Bridges between ISOBUS display and my existing implement

SmartCONTROL is intended for manufacturers/OEM who to make
their non-ISO implements ISOBUS compatible without
making (major) hardware changes. 

Section & Rate control

SmartCONTROL is an interface module that bridges between ISOBUS (tractor) displays and non ISOBUS implements which use other CAN or serial protocols.
SmartCONTROL handles both variable rate and section control for up to 255 sections!

How it works

Using the ISOBUS VT interface the necessary protocol can be chosen in SmartCONTROL to communicate with the selected implement.
Depending on implement/protocol sections and working width are automatically detected or can be configured manually. 


SmartCONTROL allows VRA applications by prescriptions and/or crop sensors like Ag Leader OptRx.
Also the As Applied Rate can be logged onto the map.


SmartCONTROL is provided with multiple protocols
for several different applications: 

  • CANopen, HC5500 via CAN
  • Agrifac (Condor 2014+ and Milan)
  • ASD for i.e., some Mueller protocols)
  • NEW Rauch/Kuhn Quantron A & E (GPS Control)
  • Additional protocols possible
  • On/Off via relay (2 sections)

Additional info - What is inside:


SmartCONTROL itself is implemented in a robust Cinch housing.  
The system has a single connector, a LED for diagnosis and a mini USB connector for upgrading firmware.
Harnesses are available from Homburg Holland or can be designed, made locally.


SmartCONTROL is compatible with all ISOBUS displays which support Task Control (TC).

Click HERE or on the picture to download the SmartSOLUTIONS brochure.

Automatic SNC nozzle control for HeroW, ALPHA and COMMANDER

Homburg Single Nozzle Control is a plug and play solution for HeroW and HARDI sprayers ALPHA self-propelled and the trailed COMMANDER, to be able to do spraying per nozzle.
This SNC set is compatible with HARDI Commander with PrimeFlow
(both CM05 and CM11). The rate control continues to function normally, but the GPS takes control of switching the individual nozzles
on and off when overlapping.

Compatible with HC8600 and HC9600
(and Ag Leader InCommand 800 - 1200) displays:

  • Up to 144 sections.
  • Displays need a multiple product unlock because the display sees 2 boom controls and must be able to operate both booms.
    With the older 8500 and 9500 displays, up to 36 sections can be set and a multiple product unlock is also required.
  • Unfortunately, other ISOBUS displays are not supported.

Plug and Play

The Homburg SingleNozzleControl is installed on the main PCB and is connected between the existing wiring. You do not have to cut or solder wires, etc.
It is only a mechanical installation after which you just have to create a new machine configuration to get it working.




- Grimme with SmartSTEER - 

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