Straight lines and curves

SmartPLOUGH OnLand is based on the well known
SmartPLOUGH application.
The new online verions adds the option to do OnLand ploughing and can do both straight lines and curves.
Like autosteer systems, it does not an automatic fanmode but it there is the option to do this manually.

SmartPLOUGH OnLand is based on a dual RTK receiver setup on the plough. This overcomes the need for a complicated tilting mechanism. By using dual receivers, there is always one on top. Note that for ploughs with a fixed (non tilting) support wheel, SmartPLOUGH OnLand can work with only one receiver.

Control is mostly identical with the normal (in furrow version of) SmartPLOUGH.

Productvideo SmartPLOUGH OnLand

Watch the video below, made by Dick Klok Mechanisatie.

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