Hoes in modern agriculture

Hoeing machines are advanced agricultural equipment that effectively remove weeds between crop rows. These machines are equipped with sensors that can distinguish crops from weeds during the hoeing process. This technology enables very precise work, leaving crops undamaged while effectively removing weeds. This optimises nutrient uptake by crops and reduces wastage of fertiliser. Thanks to the entirely mechanical operation of the hoes, hoeing is not only environmentally friendly but also easily adoptable. Our selection includes advanced hoeing equipment from manufacturers such as Garford.

Our hoe range

Garford InRow

Discover the innovative Garford Robocrop InRow hoe, a pioneering solution in agricultural technology. This advanced hoe uses specialised video analysis techniques to accurately and efficiently remove weeds between and within plant rows. Ideal for transplanted crops, it offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to weed control.

Garford InterRow

The Robocrop InterRow hoe excels in precision hoeing thanks to its advanced camera system, which works accurately between the rows. Garford supplies various hoes suitable for all types of row crops, ranging from 18-metre widths that fold hydraulically to 24-metre widths in trailed versions.

Want to buy hoeing machine?

Looking for a hoe that perfectly suits specific wishes and needs? In addition to a standard range, we offer the possibility of customising hoes to suit various wants and needs. For questions, contact a dealer. There is always someone ready to help with questions.