Field sprayers

Sprayers in modern agriculture

Field sprayers are an indispensable tool in modern agriculture. They allow arable farmers to spread crop protection products evenly and efficiently across their fields, resulting in healthier crops and higher yields.

Our range of sprayers


Trailed sprayers

Discover HARDI’s trailed sprayers here: COMMANDER, AEON, NAVIGATOR and RANGER.


Mounted sprayers

Find HARDI’s mounted sprayers here: the HARDI MEGA and the HARDI MASTER.


Self-propelled sprayers

Check out self-propelled sprayers such as the HARDI ALPHA evo and the Homburg HeroW.

Benefits of a (field) sprayer:

  • Modern sprayers are designed to spread crop protection products with great accuracy, minimising wastage and providing optimum crop protection.
  • Time savings: With the right sprayer, arable farmers can treat large areas of land in a short time, resulting in significant time savings and work intensity.

  • The even application of agents reduces environmental impact.

The innovation of sprayers

The technology and innovation behind these machines have advanced tremendously in recent years. Brands such as HARDI and our own HeroW have contributed to this evolution with their advanced designs and functionalities. However, regardless of the brand, sprayers are always about functionality and the benefits they bring to the arable farmer(s).