PMH Investments invests in Homburg Holland

PMH Investments is acquiring a substantial equity stake in Homburg Holland, active in precision agriculture technology in the field of cropcare, tillage and planting technology. In collaboration with PMH Investments, the current managing director-shareholder Jack Thibaudier wants to further extend Homburg Holland’s solid position in a sustainable way.

Investing in precision agriculture is a must:

The world population is growing rapidly and it is an enormous challenge for agriculture to continue to provide it with healthy food. This calls for future-proof agriculture that pays attention to soil, water, climate, landscape and biodiversity. An industry in full swing with attention to new technologies, such as precision agriculture and mechanical weeding with robots. Precision agriculture employs multiple technologies such as GPS, camera and sensor technology, IT and robotisation for site-specific cultivation tasks. Those who grow our food are increasingly going digital.

Homburg Holland is based in Stiens and has its own products in the form of the Homburg Draincleaner and innovative Homburg SmartSolutions in order to optimally control equipment using GPS. In addition, Homburg Holland has importer status for high-quality brands, thus offering a total solution package in precision agriculture. Homburg Holland has importers and dealers in 40 countries and end customers in more than 60 countries. As a leading player in the field of advanced precision agriculture, Homburg Holland wants to continue to grow and thus make an important contribution to sustainable and future-proof agriculture.

Jack Thibaudier, Managing Director of Homburg Holland, says:

“Besides further growth with our importerships in the Benelux, I see worldwide growth opportunities in arable farming concerning further development of our SmartSolutions products. With software and hardware, we control the equipment behind the tractors through GPS. Furthermore, we can expand our global market leadership in Draincleaning with climate-dependent control systems, linking drainage to sub-irrigation. For this next growth phase, we were looking for an investor with an entrepreneurial and no-nonsense profile and experience in further making a company excel together. We have found this partner in the Frisian company PMH Investments. PMH’s team consists of a number of very pleasant personalities who match Homburg’s culture well. They understand our drive, based on agronomy, to grow globally in advanced precision agriculture technologies. We spar well with them on strategic issues and on making connections. With the addition of their expertise, we can now further accelerate our growth in a sustainable way, and strengthen our international position.”

Durk van der Meer, Managing Director of PMH Investments, comments:

“Homburg Holland has a strong organisation and operates globally with a beautiful product portfolio. The company has sufficient growth opportunities: expansion of exports, software development and water management solutions. We look forward to working with Jack Thibaudier and his team to realise the further expansion of Homburg Holland and contribute to a sustainable and future-proof agriculture”.

PMH Investments is an independent private equity firm and focuses on small and medium-sized Dutch companies with solid growth potential. Through the combination of capital and an actively involved approach, PMH Investments helps to optimally utilise this potential and turn it into performance. In this way, they jointly build a future-proof company and ensure long-term value-creation.

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