New Homburg logo with more precision

Homburg, with offices in Stiens (NL) and Heist-op-den-Berg (BE), has added several new brands to its product range since 2012. Product expansion, worldwide growth in exports of SmartSOLUTIONS and Draincleaners and a clear vision, result in a new logo and accompanying website. With this, Homburg faces the future with precision, confidence, knowledge and practical guidance towards its dealers and users.

Demeter, goddess of agriculture

“Homburg has been an importer of HARDI sprayers and manufacturer of Homburg Draincleaners since the 1960s. With the arrival of brands such as V√§derstad, Garford, Bogballe and Ekobot, Homburg’s vision has become even clearer. We want to grow as a leading player in the Netherlands and Belgium in precision agriculture. With this, we want to make our contribution to providing food for the world’s population,” said Jack Thibaudier, CEO of Homburg. Thibaudier continued: “Our logo is recognisable by its red colour and the image of a woman’s head in the O. Many people often thought it was a drop of water because of our affinity with drainage cleaners. However, it is the Greek goddess of agriculture, Demeter. Besides being goddess of agriculture and crops, in Greek mythology she was also the giver of growth and fertility. That absolutely fits Homburg’s activities.”

Recognisable and universal

Abeltje van Vliet, Homburg marketing manager: “The new logo is sleekly designed with a strong, recognisable red colour. The powerful letters are written loosely as a symbol for accessibility and trust. The word Holland has disappeared from the logo. Homburg has now become its own brand in the market over the past 70 years. Where before export “Holland” still had added value, we now dare to let go of the country of origin. This makes the logo universally applicable for all activities and expressions in the Netherlands, Belgium and far beyond.”

Product categories provide overview

In addition to a new logo, Homburg is also launching a new website. Having several brands in the portfolio as an importer makes an overview with product categories desirable. Precision agriculture concerns crop care such as sprayers, spreaders but also mechanical weed control through hoes and harrows. However seeding techniques, such as beet or vegetable sowing, are nowadays done with extreme precision with precision seeders. Proper tillage, water management capabilities and precision GPS and robotics capabilities are also categories that fall under precision agriculture. On the website and in expressions, this is made visually clear through the use of different icons.

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