Homburg Holland supplies the best and most advanced precision farming technology in the field of crop protection, soil cultivation and sowing techniques.

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12 t/m 15 sep 2018

AgroTechniekHolland 2018

Nederlands grootste landbouwevenement AgroTechniek Holland gaat plaatsvinden van woensdag 12 tot en met zaterdag 15 september 2018. Op de vijfde editi...

22 t/m 22 sep 2018

Internationale Mechanisatie en Demonstratie Vakbeurs

Deze 11e internationale Mechanisatie en  Demonstratie Vakbeurs voor de aardbeiteelt zal gehouden worden in de serres van het Proefcentrum Ho...

25 t/m 27 nov 2018

Interpom Kortrijk - Belgie

Internationale vakbeurs van de aardappel & internationale vakbeurs voor groenten en fruitHet meest complete informatie- en ontmoetingsforum voor d...

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Innovation developments at Homburg Holland

Handlers on their way....

Last week we sent a truck loaded with Handlers (type 4) to Eastern Europe. It was a nice picture, outside the building at Homburg Holland. We wish th...

Busy weeks for Homburg Draincleaner!

The people on the workfloor are very busy the last weeks to succeed the orders of Homburg Draincleaner. The most populair type is Homburg Delta, but a...

Homburg introduces WaterXTR™ CO2 injection

Sustainable optimization of quality, efficiency and cost-effective of spraying liquids.The Homburg WaterXTR ™ CO2 injection system treats water...

Jack Thibaudier the new owner-director of Homburg Holland

As of 1 September 2017, Jack Thibaudier will become the successor to Johannes de Boer as owner-director of Homburg Holland. This brings to a close a t...

Homburg Holland stands for service and customercare

Since 1961, Homburg Holland in Stiens (province of Friesland) has been the importer of HARDI field sprayers for the Netherlands. Many years of experience have turned Homburg into an absolute specialist in the field of spraying techniques. These techniques are aimed at precision farming, with the emphasis on minimising the use of agents. "Exactly what you need", as the Homburg motto says.

More than 50 years of experience in spraying techniques has resulted in HARDI, spraying technique. Since 2010, The Handler has been part of the range of products: a high-capacity bulk container that allows the sprayer operator to fully concentrate on his spraying job, rather than on repeatedly refilling the machine.

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