Renewed JUNIOR drain cleaner is more than basic

Basic model JUNIOR offers more

In recent months Homburg Holland has been working the renewed Homburg Draincleaner JUNIOR. 
This basic model has been given a tighter design where the A-line is nicely designed in the robust frame.

The model is functional without 'fuss' and user-friendly.


The JUNIOR is equipped with 2-wheel drive as standard, but can also be supplied with 4-wheel drive.

  • The renewed hydraulics ensure, among other things, that the hose is tightly rolled up on the reel. Incidentally, the JUNIOR is available with 300-400-500 meters hose length.
  • The simple manual control makes it possible to steer your machine from the shore. Wireless remote control is also possible if desired.
  • Finally, this basic machine is ergonomically well thought out and executed and is therefore more than a basic machine!

3 types of Homburg Draincleaners

In addition to the JUNIOR, Homburg Holland has the DELTA drain cleaner for many hectares and with even more ease of use.
The most extensive variant is the HURRICANE, which is used by the professional who has made cleaning drains his ultimate profession.

In this way, each user and its wallet can find a suitable drainage cleaner for optimal maintenance of drainage systems.

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