Activities of Holland Agri Machinery BV to be taken over by Homburg Holland and Lasse Doornbos

Takeover Holland Agri Machinery BV

From July 1, 2023, Lasse Doornbos and Homburg Holland have jointly taken over the operations of Holland Agri Machinery (HAM).
HAM is renowned for exporting agricultural machinery globally, including harvesters, rooters, tractors, seed drills, and parts to regions such as the Middle East, North America, Canada, and Africa. Lasse Doornbos, representing the face of HAM, will maintain a 20% role at Homburg Holland, focusing on initiatives like Homburg Draincleaners and representing brands such as Väderstad and Zürn.

Lasse's next step

Lasse Doornbos, who has been associated with Homburg Draincleaners as an export manager since 2006, expressed that venturing into a new business in agriculture had been a long-term aspiration.

He stated, "Within Homburg Holland, we've been exporting machinery and parts like Homburg Draincleaners and SmartSOLUTIONS globally. Given our standing and frequent interactions with trading firms and Dutch farmers overseas, the prospect of acquiring a firm presented itself. With the insights of Jack Thibaudier and Wybren Roersma, we recognized the immense potential in agricultural machinery export."

Increasing export

For Homburg Holland, partnering with Lasse was a straightforward decision. Jack Thibaudier, Homburg Holland's CEO, remarked: "The individual shapes the company. Lasse's expertise, vast network, and enthusiasm is invaluable. We envision expanding our export horizons to countries like the USA, Canada, and Africa. Such geographic locales hold significant potential for our diverse machinery and parts portfolio."

The synergy between Lasse and Homburg is evident. Lasse elaborated: "The depth of knowledge, extensive contacts, rich experience, and esteemed brands contribute immensely to HAM's value. Our mutual understanding and aligned vision pave the way for growth. While I'll be dedicating a day a week to Homburg Holland, my focus will largely be on serving our major Draincleaners clients and offering (strategic) advice for brands like Väderstad and Zürn."

HAM's operational ethos revolves around reliability, honoring commitments, and combining a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure seamless machine and parts transition from source to destination.

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