Homburg Draincleaner Junior: Keeps your soil in top condition

The Homburg Drain Cleaner JUNIOR is a reliable basic model, developed to give many years of low-maintenance drain pipe cleaning. Homburg Draincleaner JUNIOR effortlessly processes large volumes of water and features a low-pressure cleaner nozzle that makes cleaning drainage systems easier than ever. Homburg Draincleaner JUNIOR can be used on either side of the ditch and comes with a well set which is particularly useful for working in drainage wells.

  • Hydraulic roll-on/roll-off flushing hose using two hydraulic motors
  • Continuously adjustable speed control
  • Height adjustment of the guide arm with curved roller system using a braked winch
  • Manual length adjustment and horizontally adjustable

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Draincleaner Junior

Technical specs

Attachment three-point lifting device Cat. 2
- Hydraulic system 2 hydraulic motors, 1 steering valve / 1 control valve, 1 pressure-compensated control valve
- Tractor hydraulics single-acting steering valve with pressureless return or double-acting steering valve
- Oil required 5 - 7 litres/min
Water pump  
- Drive PTO - 1 3 / 8
- Max capacity 115 litres/min - 50 bar - 540 rpm
- Working capacity 70 - 80 ltr/min - 35 bar - 400 rpm
- Cleaning hose 300 m HPE-hose Ø 27 mm x 3,5 mm
- Suction hose 10 m 1 ¼” hose with steel inlay with filter and floater
- Return hose 10 mtr ¾” hose
- Nozzle

12 + 1 openings of 2,0 mm metre counter

Drive hydraulic motor with 2 driving wheels and 2 pressure wheels
- Speed control continuously variable
- Work speed max 20 - 30 m / min/td>
Hose push in / pull out hydraulic for pushing in / pulling out
Hose manipulation manual
  manual height adjustment with safety winch
  horizontally adjustable
- Empty approximately 415 kg
- Filled with water approximately 515 kg
- Dimensions l: 1,10 x w: 1,80 x h: 2,25 m
Warranty 1 year
  instruction book with parts list

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