Draincleaner Hurricane

The Homburg Draincleaner Hurricane is the ulitmate drain jetter, combining all of the technical features of the Blizz and Delta as well as Homburg Holand’s experience as a drain jetter producer. The machine of choice for the professional, for whom only the latest and the best is good enough.

The ultimate drain jetter

If drain cleaning is your profession and efficiency is your profit, then speed, ease, and a reliable machine are of great importance. The Hurricane with its heavy-duty frame has a completely hydraulic, remote-controlled arm that allows you to effortlessly and smoothly maneuver the curved roller conveyor in front of the drainage opening. Wherever you are, arm height adjustment, extension and retraction, arm swiveling, and hose rolling are all done quickly, accurately, and easily with your remote control. The system will then manage itself based on the choises selected.

Drain jetting can not be more efficient

The wide reel will automatically feed out up to 700 metres of hose, and if the machine finds an obstruction in the drainpipe, it will automatically stop, retract the hose, and try again several times. This prevents hose slippage, and when the desired hose length is reached, the machine automatically rewinds the hose. The automatic hose guide ensures that the hose is precisely rolled onto the reel, and the machine automatically stops when it is finished. In the meantime, you can take care of other matters. As an example, consider tracing and clearing the next drain. This way, no time is wasted. Drain jetting can not be more efficient.

Features of the
Draincleaner Hurricane

  • Even stronger/heavier in terms of quality
  • Functional technical design
  • Very solid frame
  • Detailed finishes
  • Can be supplied with a hose of up to 700 metres

Homburg Draincleaner accessories

Homburg Draincleaners offer versatile application possibilities. Besides being used on land, our drain cleaners are also used by public works professionals to identify and effectively remove blockages in sewer systems. We therefore keep our Draincleaner accessories in stock.


Our Draincleaners brochure explains it all!