Golf course drainage

Water management is an important aspect of maintaining a golf course. An overabundance of water can damage the golf course and lead to loss of profit. We develop drainage products for golf courses, which are specialized in maintaining the drainage of a golf course.

Heavy or light precipitation

Whether you experience heavy or light rainfall, drainage on golf courses is important for maintaining playing conditions. In an increasing number of countries drainage is used as irrigation: the water level in the ditch is raised and pipes are submerged. Plants then suck the water back up through the soil. There are also areas where rain is collected in basins for possible later irrigation.

Perfect greens, fairways and tees with Draincleaner Blizz

All renowned golf courses in the world have a drainage system, adapted to the soil type and design of the course. The use of drainage allows golf courses to be played earlier (and longer). Homburg has dubbed the Blizz as a golf course drainage cleaner, but the Delta (the larger variant) is also used on a lot of golf courses in the Netherlands.

Keep your golf course in top condition

The drainage of a golf course must be good and clean all year round. Golfing should be possible 365 days a year, so it is important to keep the drainage in top condition. To achieve this, water management is crucial. The drainage system must be kept clean, so that all excess water can be drained away.


Our Draincleaners brochure explains it all!