Draincleaner Delta

The Homburg Draincleaner Delta is a drain jetter that offers more ease of use than our Blizz model. This is the appropriate machine for anyone who needs to cover a broad area and maintains drainage systems on a regular basis. This is due to the hydraulically operated height adjustment, extension, retraction and folding of the drainage arm and length adjustment of the guide arm.

Drain jetting with the Delta all around the world

The Draincleaner Delta is Homburg Holland’s best-selling drain jetter, fitting perfectly between the basic Blizz and the Professional Hurricane. The Delta is the perfect solution for those who want to be able to maintain their drains efficiently and comfortably over a wide area. The Delta design features a basic modular set-up, allowing Homburg to respond to varied customer requirements even faster. If you prefer the arm to be on the left, right or straight to the back; with the modern, robust design all of this is possible.

The drive system has also been improved, allowing the reel to roll up more tightly and eliminating the change of slippage. The Delta’s operation has been simplefied by the ability to change all hydraulics with a single knob. This has resulted in a far more accurate way of working. Only the machine’s pump , hose, and drive wheels remain unchanged. This is due to the fact that they are inrivaled in terms of quality and durability. The Homburg Delta is the world’s most advanced drain jettter!

Features of the Homburg Draincleaner Delta

  • Possibility 2 or 4-wheel drive
  • Hose up to 500 metres
  • Solid frame, machine weighs a total of 650 kg.
  • Guide arm will fold and extend hydraulically.

Homburg Draincleaner accessories

Homburg Draincleaners offer versatile application possibilities. Besides being used on land, our drain cleaners are also used by public works professionals to identify and effectively remove blockages in sewer systems. We therefore keep our Draincleaner accessories in stock.


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