Draincleaner Blizz

The Homburg Draincleaner Blizz model is a robust entry-level model, developed as a basic machine. A perfect machine for every farmer, groundsman and greenkeeper who wants to bring his soil into great condition and keep it that way.

The Blizz drain jetter effortlessly handles large volumes of water and features a low-pressure cleaner nozzle, making cleaning drainage systems easier than ever. The Blizz can be used on either side of the ditch and comes with a well set, which is very useful for working in drainage wells.

Keep your soil in top condition

There are currently 7,400 golf courses in Europe and 15,500 in the United States. Essentially, all golf courses have a tile drainage system that is tailored to the soil conditions, greens, and course design. To be able to play 365 days a year, a golf course must be in excellent condition all year.

Water management is critical for keeping the green in appropriate conditions. The tile drainage system must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a continuous flow of abundant water. The golfers are kept delighted by pristine turf in all areas of the golf course. As a result, tile drain cleaning is a common task for a greenkeeper. Homburg Holland has developed the Blizz, a compact, maneuverable, and exceptionally solid tile drain jetter. A perfect drain jetter for your golf course.

Whether you have a lot of rain or a little rain, tile-drainage on grounds and golf courses is important to maintain your playing conditions. In fact, drainage is being used as irrigation in more and more countries: the water level in the ditch is raised and the pipes are submerged. The water is then drawn back up through the soil by the plants. Also there are areas where rain is collected in basins for later irrigation.

Features of the Homburg Draincleaner Blizz

  • Hydraulic roll-on/roll-off flushing hose using two hydraulic motors and a drive system en aandrijfsysteem.
  • Height adjustment of the guide arm with curved rollerbends using braked winch
  • Height adjustment of the guide arm with curved rollerbends using braked winch
  • Manual arm length adjustment and horizontal adjustment
  • Can be supplied with a flushing hose of up to 500 metres

Homburg Draincleaner accessories

Homburg Draincleaners offer versatile application possibilities. Besides being used on land, our drain cleaners are also used by public works professionals to identify and effectively remove blockages in sewer systems. We therefore keep our Draincleaner accessories in stock.


Our Draincleaners brochure explains it all!