Accessories for Homburg Draincleaners

Homburg Draincleaners offer versatile application possibilities. In addition to land use, these drainage cleaners are also used by public works professionals to identify and effectively remove blockages in sewer systems.

Homburg keeps accessories in stock, which enables us to guarantee fast deliveries. This allows users to quickly and efficiently address their drainage and cleaning needs, regardless of the specific application.

Explore the possibilities:
O = Optional
S = Standard
X = Not possible

Tabel Weergave
Homburg Dynamic DriveOOO
Electrische waterklepOOO
Eigen olievoorzieningOOO
Hydr. pomp aandrijvingOOO

Homburg Dynamic Drive

Homburg Holland has developed a fully automated drive system, allowing users to achieve optimal results. The Homburg Dynamic Drive (HDD) is available as an option on every Draincleaner.

Features of the HDD:

  • Obstacle protection
    When the system detects an obstacle, the input is stopped. Then the system will handle a configurable procedure to remove the obstacle.

  • Traction Control
    As soon as the system detects slippage it intervenes by stopping, thus eliminating unnecessary wear.

  • Distance Control
    You can select the desired feed distance,upon reaching this value, the Homburg HPE hose is pulled back onto the machine.

  • Auto Stop
    When the desired procedure is finished the machine will automatically stop and turn off the water pressure on the Homburg HPE hose.

Other accessories

Draincleaner puttenset golf

Putt sets

Various well sets are available, which can effectively clean both small and large wells. The smallest putt set is suitable for putts with diameters of 30-70 cm, while there are also options for putt sets with diameters of 40-70 cm and 70 cm and larger. This wide range of putting sets allows you to choose the right equipment based on specific needs for different sized putts.


Lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring safety. Homburg Draincleaners can be equipped with tail lights and reflectors to ensure that safety is always the top priority.

Homburg Draincleaner verlichting
Draincleaner spuitset


Safety is at the heart of Homburg’s drainage cleaners. These machines can be equipped with tail lights and reflective elements to increase visibility and safety, especially when used in less lit conditions or during roadside operations. Adding lights and reflectors is an essential safety measure that helps prevent accidents.

Detection sets

Homburg Holland offers two types of detection systems for drainage cleaning. One system uses a probe that sends signals from the nozzle, allowing the position of the nozzle to be tracked underground. The other system is equipped with a fully traceable wire that extends along the entire length of the detection hose, ensuring continuous traceability during the cleaning process. Both systems are designed to optimize the precision and effectiveness of drainage cleaning by enabling accurate location of cleaning equipment.

Homburg Draincleaner verlichting