What is the right pressure for cleaning my drainage?

Homburg advises to use a low pressure.


It is important to keep in mind that pressure and the amount of water are always relate to each other. An high pressure can damage the drainage pipes and the natural water permeability of the pores in the soil around them. Homburg advises a pressure of 35 bar on the pump, depending on the length of the hose this will result in a pressure around 10 to 15 bars at the rinsing head. The volume of the water will then be around 70 to 90 litres a minute. This is sufficient to achieve the right cleaning for your drainage system.


What is the best time to clean my drainage?

When the groundwater level is high.


The moment of flushing determines the chance of effectiveness and the belonging washing away of the loosened, flushed away material. The largest chance of succeeding is in a period whereby the groundwater level is high and the drainage system is draining water by itself. In this way the material inside the drainage system is soft and will thus flow away more easy.



Will the soil be affected when I clean my drainage?

No, this only occurs when a high pressure and a low input speed is used.


This only occurs when a high pressure and a slow input speed is used. In the early days high pressure (100 bar pump pressure) draincleaners were used to clean drainage systems, however this way of working turned out to be inefficient. When using high pressure the hose will be pulled through the drain, and because of the pulsing pressure emitted by the pump the rinsing head will linger a few (milli)seconds on the same location. This disrupts the drainage system and its pores in the surrounding soil. These surrounding pores partly take care of a natural water drainage.

It therefore is important to keep the soil surrounding the drainage tubes intact. Homburg Draincleaners are safe to use because they use a low pump pressure of only 35 bar. This results in a water pressure of 10 to 15 bars at the nozzle. When an Homburg Draincleaner is being used, your soil will not be affected in a negative way!


What is the quickest way to clean my drainage system?

Under Ideal circumstances, Homburg Draincleaners can achieve a speed of 35 meters per minute.


By preventive controls and by removing eventual pollution with an Homburg Draincleaner. With this a speed up to 35 metres per minute can be reached under ideal circumstances. Heavier polluted drainage systems can take up unspecified time.

Homburg Draincleaner DeltaHomburg Draincleaner Delta. For more information, click on the image.

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